Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Amjad Javaid Research Scientist 905-645-0781
Amy Dunn NDT Certification Clerk 905-645-0839
Andrew Laver Welding Technologist 905-645-0809
Asmaa Ansari NDT Certification Clerk 905-645-0680
Attila Lazok Electromechanical 905-645-0668
Babak Shalchi Amirkhiz Research Scientist 905-645-0744
Bruce Williams Research Scientist Mechanical Testing 905-645-0730
Catherine Bibby Electron Microscopy Laboratory Supervisor 905-645-0734
Chao Shi Corrosion Technologist, Automotive 905-645-0797
Christine Sheldrick Finance and Procurement Officer 905-645-0718
Colin Scott Research Scientist 905-645-0742
Connor Leroux Business Development Officer 289-659-2376
Damir Sebesta Mechanical Technologist (Millright) 905-645-0629
Dan Walsh Technologist 905-645-0717
Darren Bibby Technician 905-645-0720
David Saleh Manufacturing Technologist 905-645-0771
Delin Li Research Scientist 289-775-7691
Dennis Hopewell Research Engineer 905-645-0765
Dong-Yeob Park Research Scientist - Fracture 587-434-9548
Douglas McFarlan Casting technologist- Melting and Processing 289-339-1826
Elliott Asare Visiting Student 905-999-9999
Fateh Fazeli Research Scientist - Thermo-mechanical Process Simulation 905-645-0818
Frank Czerwinski Research Scientist 905-645-0887
Frank Benkel Processing Technologist- Castings 905-645-0770
Gabriel Birsan Die Casting Facility Supervisor 905-645-0774
Haijie Xu Visiting Student 438-866-2016
Haiou Jin Research Scientist Thermomechanical Processing Aluminum 905-512-3583
Hitesh Jain Business and Contracts Manager 905-645-0699(199)
Howard Webster Manufacturing Technologist 905-645-0773
James Wallace NDT Certification Clerk 905-645-0656
Janusz Grzegorczyk Non Destructive Testing Technician & Examiner 905-645-0604
Jason Lo Research Scientist 905-645-0696
Jason Ripski Non Destructive Testing Technician & Examiner 905-645-0738
Jean-Philippe Gravel Corrosion Technologist 587-434-9549
Jennifer Collier Corrosion Lab Supervisor 905-645-0792
Jennifer Murdock Administration Support Clerk 905-645-0686
Jia Xue Research Scientist 905-645-0693
Jidong Kang Research Scientist - Fatigue and Creep Welding 905-645-0820
Jie Liang Mechanical Testing Technologist 905-512-1048
Joey Temprile Logistics and Inventory Control 905-645-0825
Jonathan McKinley Solid Metal Processing Engineer 905-645-0719
Joseph Pezze Mechanical Technologist 905-645-0682
Kayla Baker Visiting Student 905-999-9999
Kenneth Thompson Non Destructive Testing Technician & Examiner 905-645-0739
Kevin Boyle Computational Group Leader-Research Scientist 905-645-0788
Kirsten Fast Junior NDT Certification Clerk 905-645-0687
Kumar Sadayappan Research Scientist 905-645-0782
Larry Etherington NDT Advanced Development Technical Coordinator
Laura Grond A/NDT Junior Program Officer/Special Projects Coordinator 905-645-0680
Li Yan Research Scientist 403-292-7085
Lin Yang Mechanical Technologist 587-434-9567
Lindsay Murrell-Wright Finance and Administrative Assistant 905-645-0691
Lisa Sartain NDT Technologist 905-645-0603
Lisa Ripski HR Administrative Coordinator 905-645-0689
Louic Leblanc Executive Assistant to the Director General 905-645-0694
Louise Viersen Junior NDT Certification Clerk 905-645-0835
Lucian Blaga Metal Forming Technical Specialist 905-645-0716
Magdalene Matchim Corrosion Technologist, Nuclear 905-645-0799
Mark Kozdras Program Manager, Automotive Materials 905-645-0695
Mark Gesing Finite Element Engineer 905-645-0784
Marta Aniolek Manuafacturing Technologist 905-645-0812
Marylène Roy Policy Analyst 450-652-5161
Matthew Lount Informatics Officer 905-645-0684
Matthew Sedore Corrosion Technologist 905-645-0605
Michael Attard Rolling Facility Supervisor 905-645-0724
Michael Greenwood Research Science- Computational Materials Science 905-645-0786
Michelle Kresak NDT Certification Clerk 905-645-0690
Muhammad Arafin Program Manager 403-292-7142
Natasha Gifford NDT Certification 365-323-4448
Nicholas Senior Research Scientist 905-645-0726
Paige Wallace NDT Certification Clerk 905-645-0678
Pei Liu Technician 905-645-0737
Peter Newcombe Casting Lab Supervisor 905-645-0775
Philippe Dauphin Director General 905-645-0698
Pui Kei Yuen Director, National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body 905-645-0659
Raul Santos Technologist 905-645-0722
Renata Zavadil Optical Microscopy Laboratory Supervisor 905-645-0736
Robert Skwirut Supervisor, Non-destructive Testing Certification 905-645-0658
Roger McCallum Supervisor Metal Processing 905-645-0747
Ruby Zhang Physical Scientist 905-645-0727
Samantha Tavernese A/Finance & Procurement Officer 905-645-0693
Shaochun Cao Manager, Academic Liaison 905-645-0725
Sorin Mitrea Policy Analyst 289-556-8193
Steven Gagliardi Manager, Finance, Administration & Facilities 905-645-0692
Stuart Amey Fabrication Services Supervisor 905-645-0705
Su Xu Research Scientist 905-645-0815
Taylor Martino Corrosion Research Engineer
Timothy Robotham Computational Engineer 905-645-0783
Trevor Sabiston Visiting Researcher 905-999-9999
Tyler Smith Physical Simulation Technologist 905-645-0802
Wayne Wood Non-Destructive Testing Technologist 289-775-3062
Wojciech Kasprzak Director of Operations 905-645-0697
Xue Han Research Scientist 905-516-2649
Yimin Zeng Research Science, High Temperature Corrosion Science 905-645-0819
Yu-Chih Tseng Research Scientist 905-645-0745