Human Resources


Name Title Telephone Number
Alex Martel (2018) Human Resources Assistant 819-420-4746
André Brisson (2019) HR Advisor
Annie Blais (2018) Compensation and Benefits Advisor 819-420-9439
Daniel Champagne (2020) Manager, Policy and Programs 819-420-4752
Estelle St-Amour Director, Human Resources 613-617-6644
Jasmine Deroy (2020) Compensation Consultant 819-420-9439
Louis-Charles David Human Resources Advisor 819-420-4752
Mailys Ndimbongi (2016) Human Resources Assistant 819-420-4724
Mariana Carpenco Human Resources Administrator 819-420-9043
Marie-Josée Lalonde (2017) Human Resources Assistant 819-420-4745
Marie-Michèle Beaulieu Senior Human Resources Advisor, Policy and Programs 819-420-4693
Marie-Pier Béland Human Resources Assistant 819-420-4747
Mario Séguin Senior HR Advisor, Centre of Expertise 819-420-4693
Martine Bondu Compensation and Benefits Advisor 873-354-6414
Martine Tréau de Coeli (2019) Manager, Centre of Expertise 819-420-4747
Mélanie Robitaille Team Leader, Compensation and Benefits 613-218-5465
Michèle Lampron Manager, Centre of Expertise 613-410-1866
Nathalie Rukeratabaro (2016) Human Resources Assistant 819-420-4699
Sandra Labelle Senior Compensation and Benefits Advisor 819-664-0463
Stéphanie Desrosiers (2019) Human Resources Administrator 819-938-0307
Valérie Bourque (2018) Policy and Programs Officer 819-420-4749