Systems and Engineering Sciences Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Claude Lelièvre Senior Engineer Specialist, Metallurgy/Physical Sciences 613-790-3056
Claude Daoust Systems Engineer 613-219-5772
Earl Chapman (2020) Senior Technical Analyst 613-990-0878
Heather Smith Senior Engineer Specialist-Metallurgy/Physical Science 343-549-0859
Ian Henderson Multi-Media Investigations Specialist 613-799-6281
Jeff Patten Manager, Systems and Engineering 343-540-9121
Marc Hamilton Senior Technical Analyst 613-864-2685
Mark Wallis Senior Mechanical Engineer 613-292-3240
Mathieu Fraser Senior Materials Engineering Technologist 343-548-1863
Sylvain Giguère (2019) Manager, Systems and Engineering 613-990-2397
Tom Armstrong Senior Technical Analyst 343-551-6042
Tony Gasbarro (2020) Senior Multimedia Investigation Services Specialist 613-990-0912
vacant vacant (2017) Engineering Systems Technologist 613-990-0942
Val Guertsman Senior Engineer Specialist, Metallurgy/Physical Sciences 613-404-7672
Vincent Bolduc Senior Engineering Technologist (Systems) 613-302-1836