Name Title Telephone Number
Andree Dugas Training and Client Service Officer 819-420-9924
Anuj Mittal Manager 613-299-7330
Donald Squire Pay & Integrity Officer 613-952-0312
Gini Bethell Assistant Deputy Minister 613-948-8723
Jacqueline France Compensation Assistant 613-558-4556
John MacKenzie Special Advisor to the ADM 613-954-2778
Julie Staniforth Senior Branch Planning Officer 613-943-2465
Marie-Andrée Aubut Issues Manager 613-954-0647
Meaghan Mirabelli Advisor & Systems Analyst 873-469-4285
Melanie Menard Correspondence Officer 613-954-0617
Monique Parent A/Coordinator 000-000-0000
Nathalie Tremblay Administrative Officer 819-934-7736
Nathalie Deault Junior Administrative Officer 613-791-7201
Nathalie St-Onge N/A 613-948-8407
Ralph Cadet Client Service and Training Officer 613-956-3125
Raymond Lépine Compensation Agent 613-954-0770
Sarah Flynn Compensation Assistant 613-794-4287
Sebastien Lafleche Finance and Administration Officer 613-697-8768
Tom Alix Supervisor 506-424-4330
Wendy Baldwin Chief of Staff 613-954-0648