RPT for RP2 Managed Assets and DND Service Level Agreements


Name Title Telephone Number
Abderrahim Diri Building System Technician 613-608-1879
Aïcha Djama Samatar Supervisor, Planning & Control Officer 819-775-4513
Aidan Di Lello Student 613-203-3997
Alain Quesnel Mover 613-229-4112
Alexandre Dufour Property and Facility Officer 873-355-4788
Allan Berndt Business Analyst 613-410-6979
Allen Lesnick (2019) Building Systems Technician 613-945-6455(5486)
Amélie Champagne Property and Facility Officer
André Latreille Hazardous Waste Control Administrator 613-816-2543
André Champagne Property and Facility Officer 613-286-8770
André Laberge Project Officer 613-862-6031
Andrew Boileau Building System Technician 613-945-6455(6606)
Andrew Paquette Building System Technician
Andrian Sviontek Building System Technician 343-551-1912
Annie Tremblay Business Support Clerk 819-775-7448
Annie Mineault Property and Facility Officer 613-795-3709
Anthony Dinh Tran Junior Property & Facility Officer 613-400-2865
Ariane Tessier Finance Clerk 819-775-7448
Bassam Azzi Property and Facilities Officer 613-945-6509
Benoit Cote Property & Facilities Officer 343-543-6741
Benoit Soucisse Senior Maintenance Management Specialist 613-227-8593
Bill Stevenson Property and Facility Officer 613-229-4123
Brandi Gaudet Property and Facility Manager 613-277-1745
Carine Giroux Property and Facility Manager 613-218-7938
Carlos Orozco-Verbel Supervisor, Planning & Control Officer 819-775-4544
Caroline Soucy Junior Property & Facility Officer
Cassandra Henri Administrative Assistant 819-775-4531
Catherine Racette Property and Facilities Officer 613-302-0788
Chanel Matteau Property and Facility Officer 819-775-4536
Chantal Michaud Property and Facility Officer 873-355-4537
Chris McMullen Property & Facilities Officer 613-816-3490
Christopher Walkinshaw Asset Manager 819-775-4988
Clinton Roos Technical Services Officer 819-775-4553
Cody Cormier Finance Clerk 819-775-4524
Colin Buda Manager, Project Management Office 613-945-6455(6028)
Daniel Campeau Technical Specialist 613-229-4061
Dario Vela Dario Vela Financial Clerk 819-775-4923
David Roy-Masin (2019) Property and Facility Officer 819-665-9846
Deane Teske Moving Officer
Deborah Buttrum Property and Facilities Officer 343-548-5463
Dennis Villeneuve Building System Technician
Dominic Durocher A/Property and Facility Manager 613-415-6816
Dominique St-Pierre O & M Supervisor 819-664-8761
Dustin Hollingsworth Building System Technician 613-404-9271
Dwight Coutts Building Services Technician 613-229-4013
Enya Roos Junior Property & Facility Officer 343-543-5544
Fadi Shanab Property and Facility Officer 613-229-4095
Fanny Gallot (2019) Finance Clerk 819-775-4524
Francis Poirier Property & Facilities Officer 613-889-5852
François Lavigne Property & Facilities Officer 819-775-7430
Genie Satura Property & Facilities Officer 613-229-0279
George Simard A/Property and Facility Manager 343-548-0636
Gerard Reynolds (2019) Fire Inspector 819-775-4564
Gerry McGregor Building Systems Technician 613-945-6600(3845)
Gilles Côté Property and Facility Manager 819-775-4522
Gord Bova Building Systems Technician 819-775-4508
Grant Russell Property and Facility Officer 613-945-6582
Greg Ainley Fire Inspector 819-775-7401
Isabel Rodrigues Business Manager 819-775-4509
Isan Iljevec-Lindo Junior Property & Facility Officer
James Labelle Property & Facilities Officer
Janice Schauer Supervisor, Planning & Control Officer 819-639-2029
Jean-François Arpin Property and Facility Manager 819-775-4924
Jean-Guy Lafontaine Property and Facility Manager 819-775-4452
Jean-Pierre Giroux Property & Facilities Officer 613-227-8592
Jeffery Thompson Junior Property & Facility Officer
Jerry Beattie A/Property & Facility Officer 613-229-4015
Joanne Nash Property & Facilities Officer 613-222-9799
Jocelyne Lachance Administrative Assistant to the Director 819-775-4532
Johanne Godin Property & Facilities Officer 819-775-4507
John Zahab Locksmith 613-943-2771
Jonathan Robitaille Building Services Technician 613-698-0061
Jonathan Sigouin Property and Facilities Officer 819-962-6925
Josée Laurier Junior Property & Facility Officer 613-314-9376
Julie Coté (2020) Property and Facility Officer 819-775-7490
Julie Mercier Supervisor, Building Operations and Maintenance 613-978-5357
Justine Fournier Property and Facility Manager 613-229-4154
Kathleen Benak (2019) Property and Facility Officer 343-549-2713
Kathleen Lessard Property and Facility Officer 613-816-3487
Kevin Basque Building Services Technician 613-808-6313
Kevin Toole Technical Advisor 819-775-4165
Kim Uguccioni Property and Facility Manager 613-220-3476
Linda St-Martin Building System Technician 613-945-6362
Lindsay Cameron Property & Facilities Officer 819-790-9438
Louis-Simon Demers Supervisor / Building Services Technician 613-298-9789
Luc Villeneuve (2019) Parking Administrator 819-775-7410
Marena Bray Supervisor, Planning & Control Officer 819-775-4527
Mario Hubert Senior Director 613-404-2452
Martin Christensen Building System Technician 819-775-4265
Mathieu Simard (2019) Supervisor, Planning & Control Officer
Mathieu Ladouceur Asset Manager 613-462-7940
Mathuvarman Kumaraguruparan Property and Facility Assistant 613-945-6639
Melissa Castleman Property and Facility Officer 613-697-5626
Melissa Kwan Environmental Data Analyst 819-775-4566
Micheal Killen (2019) Building System Technician
Micheal Killeen Building System Technician 613-945-6455
Mike O'Connell Head, Technical Operations 819-775-4541
Miranda Godding Property and Facility Manager 613-229-4030
Murray McAlpine Property and Facility Officer 819-775-4258
Natalie Nadeau Property and Facility Officer 613-282-5754