Innovation and Strategy

Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Amanda Evans Project Manager 431-337-7087
Anh Phan Chief Statistician 204-983-2739
Bess Hamilton (2019) Writer 204-984-2956
Cari Miller Revenue Contracts & Regulatory Coordinator 204-983-3081
Christianne Hacault Communications Coordinator 204-229-0128
Danica Taylor Community Relations Officer 204-983-6878
David Corby Project Analyst 204-510-3950
Dawn Hoover Multimedia Designer 431-373-6984
Eric Czyzycki Multimedia Designer 204-984-5159
Ila Wiebe Data Officer 204-983-8356
Jennifer Cottes Policy Analyst 204-293-2167
Jessica Carey Writer/Editor 204-396-2558
Jon Friesen Director, Innovation and Strategy 204-983-1580
Keara Haswell (2020) Data Officer, Statistics 204-984-7457
Kevin Morgan Statistician 204-983-4070
Leah Desrochers Manager, Enterprise Project Management Office 204-807-5859
Lee Christenson Multimedia Designer 204-293-3224
Lisa Van Schepdael Data Analyst 204-983-2793
Lorna Roca Policy Analyst 204-230-6793
Marie Bodnar Co-ordinator, Multimedia services 204-294-3867
Melanie Gustafson Policy Analyst 204-983-1894
Michael Garcia Multimedia Designer, Multimedia Services 204-997-5362
Owen Clune Policy Analyst 431-337-7086
Rémi Gosselin Manager, Corporate Information Services 204-983-2749
Samantha Garces Project Manager 431-337-7203
Shanell Dupras Writer-Editor 431-997-4384
Shannon Bayluk Corporate Development Advisor 204-899-2533
Stéphanie Morin Language Advisor 204-984-0298
Tanya Buhler Internet Web Designer 204-983-4414
Terry Lynn McPhee Policy Analyst 204-983-2758
Tiffany Planinac (2020) Project Analyst 204-229-8829