Information Management and Technology Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Amy White Administrative Assistant 431-997-4378
André Saive Support Technician 204-293-6311
Andrew McKenzie Programmer Analyst, Application Development 204-228-5050
Anh Phan Chief Statistician 204-983-2739
Anna Snezyk (!) Computer Programmer 204-984-0415
Brody Bell Team Lead – Infrastructure/Operations 431-337-7077
Charlene Knutt Head, Information Mgmt and Information Resource Center 204-983-0878
Christine Wallmann Technician, Information Resource Centre 204-984-6336
Craig Holigroski Support Technician 204-230-6793
Daryl Sawatzky Programmer/Analyst 204-984-1619
David Kashton Systems and Network Technical Support 204-984-6943
Dom Dentico (!) Programmer/Analyst 604-666-2067
Duane Budnick Programmer Analyst, Application Development 204-294-1720
Eric Luedtke Team Lead 204-984-6951
Eric Wientzek Computer Analyst/Programmer 204-984-6950
Halina Legat Support Technician 204-983-2762
Hassan Zafar Junior Analyst 431-373-6984
Ila Wiebe Data Officer 204-983-8356
Jamie Hardy Senior Programmer Analyst 204-984-7324
Jason Su IT Security Coordinator 204-984-0441
Jay Wiatrowski Manager, Corporate IM/IT Management 204-983-0279
Jean Thula Programmer Analyst, Application Development 204-294-9249
Jean-François Mousseau Support Technician, Infrastructure/Operations 514-360-7772
Jeff Stokotelny Systems and Network Technical Support 204-984-6553
Jodie Préfontaine Computer Help Desk/Training Specialist 204-983-6041
John Iverson Programmer Analyst 204-898-3547
Joseph Horton Regional Technical Support Specialist 604-404-2068
Joseph Tu Programmer, Application Development 204-296-4029
Juan Xing (!) Statistician 204-983-1570
Julia Saniuk (!) Administrative Assisstant 431-997-4378
Karen Chen Programmer/Analyst 204-983-2761
Karl Daher Chief Information Officer 204-984-6948
Keara Haswell Data Officer, Statistics 204-984-7457
Kevin Morgan Statistician 204-983-4070
Kurt Daeninck System Administrator 204-430-5144
Laurie Sciberras (!) Head, Information Mgmt and Information Resource Center 204-983-0878
Len Kisiloski (!) Systems and Network Technical Support 204-290-5973
Les Kaplan Programmer Analyst 204-293-6852
Lisa Van Schepdael Data Analyst 204-983-2793
Lisa Carr Application Programmer 204-227-6494
Minh Duong Systems Administrator 204-292-3288
Natalie Forest (!) Computer Help Desk Training Specialist 204-983-6878
Nicole Saurette Computer Programmer 204-984-6953
Raymond Joyal Systems and Network Technical Support 204-227-1365
Richard Hartwich Mgr., Infrastructure/Operations 204-293-8362
Robert Kyle Team Leader, CIMITM 204-984-6475
Robin Wong Information Analyst 204-983-2756
Roger Wenden Systems and Network Technical Support 204-984-4221
Roselyn Nkhata-Okoye Administrative Assistant 204-983-0275
Scott Nichols Applications Manager 204-293-5398
Siu-Fung Lee Systems and Network Technical Support 204-984-4220
Susan Wiebe Manager, Client Services 204-984-7577
Thomas Abthorpe Regional Technical Support Specialist 807-251-7001
Todd Bussey Regional Technical Support Specialist 604-367-6410
Tracy Smith Programmer/Analyst 204-983-8346