Policy Operations and Outreach


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Jog Senior Specialist, Policy Analysis 416-250-2786
Alex Poirier-Gaboury Specialist, Policy Analysis 613-748-4346
Amasiah Leung Senior Analyst, Policy 604-737-4198
Anik Génier VP, Policy Operations and Outreach 613-748-2932
Anne Benoit Specialist, Policy Analysis 613-748-2972
Asa Motha-Pollock Specialist, Policy Analysis 365-509-2241
Ashley Orr (2021) Specialist, Policy Analysis 613-748-2871
Ashley Staton (2021) Senior Manager, Policy Measurement and Analysis 613-740-5652
Camila Sanchez Specialist, Policy Analysis 613-748-2677
Christian Roy Senior Specialist, Policy Analysis 416-218-3464
Colin Pacholuk Specialist, Policy Analysis 613-748-4562
Danna Zabrovsky Senior Manager, Housing Policy 613-748-4019
Emiko Ono Senior Specialist, Measurement and Analysis 365-509-2240
Jason Burke Senior Manager, Housing Policy 416-250-3254
Jeremiah Prentice Specialist, Policy Analysis 613-748-4495
Kathryn Fredericks (2021) Advisor, Policy and Innovation 613-742-5358
Keri Vincent Senior Analyst, Policy 613-748-2782
Leanne Elliott Senior Manager, Housing Policy 613-748-2602
Linda Yacoub Senior Analyst, Policy 365-509-2252
Sebastian Ramos Senior Specialist, Measurement and Analysis 613-748-4521
Stephanie Verdasca Senior Analyst, Policy 613-748-5144
Tiffany Brousseau Officer, Event Planning 613-748-2281
Tyler Horton Senior Manager, Policy Measurement and Analysis 613-748-2655
Victoria Dulmage-Abboud Senior Analyst, Policy 613-742-5405