Financial Services and Asset Management


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Huot (2019) Operations Support Officer 819-665-0986
Bernadette Beaudoin Procurement Officer 819-953-8958
Charles Mukendi Financial Officer 819-953-9886
Daniel Boisclair (2018) Financial Support Officer 819-953-9888
Danielle Guindon Financial Officer 873-354-1926
Guy Vezina Financial Clerk 819-997-0538
Javier Preciado (2019) Financial Support Assistant 873-354-1926
Jean-François Poirier (2018) Director, Financial Services and Asset Management 819-953-9695
Lyne Bouffard Senior Financial Support Officer 819-953-9888
Marc Desnoyers Financial Officer 819-953-7924
Marilène Normand Financial Support Officer 819-664-3156
Mélissa Loiselle Manager, Internal Control and Financial Reporting 819-639-8134
Sylvie Rose (2018) Financial Analyst 819-953-9734
Sylvie Valiquette Manager, Planning and Financial Management 819-431-0963
Tania Perreault Financial Analyst 819-661-1193
Vick Chauret Director, Financial Services and asset management 819-664-2374