Workplace and Workforce Services Directorate


Name Title Telephone Number
André Brunet Senior Human Resources Advisor 819-000-0000
Brigitte Lemieux Senior Compensation Specialist 819-997-6729
Camille Trudel Human Resources Advisor 819-997-4480
Christopher Mak-Fan Junior humain ressources advisor 873-354-1536
Diana Abdallah (2019) Human Resources Assistant 819-000-0000
Flora Sigeris Human Resources Advisor 873-353-9681
Isabelle Lefebvre-Rollin (2020) Human Resources Officer, HR Systems 819-000-0000
Isabelle Joyce (2019) Human Resources Coordinator 819-953-9832
Jonathan Lacroix Compensation Advisor 819-953-9847
Josée Lapointe Senior HR Advisor 819-953-0355
Julie Rehaluk Operations Support Assistant 819-955-1391
Kathia McMillan Human Resources Assistant 873-354-5318
Kim Gauthier Operations Support Officer 819-953-9904
Nadine Brisson Director, Workplace and Workforce Services 613-793-4751
Nicole McIntosh (2019) Team Leader 819-953-9836
Olivier Langlois Communications officer 819-997-5530
Pascal Mann Human Ressources Assistant 819-000-0000
s Lavoie Human Resources Advisor 819-635-5702
Sylvain Lavoie (2020) Human Resources Advisor 819-635-5702
Sylvie Courval Administrative Assistant 819-953-9880
Zachary Gagné (2019) Officer, Security, Facilities and Accommodations 819-955-1391