Costing and Budgeting Analysis


Name Title Telephone Number
Benjamin Segel-Brown Financial Analyst
Carleigh Malanik Financial Analyst 613-853-8763
Christopher Penney Financial Analyst
Duncan MacDonald Financial Analyst 613-992-4793
Étienne Bergeron Financial Analyst
Jason Stanton Analyst 613-790-1457
Jason Jacques Senior Director - Econ. & Fiscal Analysis & Forec. 613-853-1596
Mark Mahabir Director of Policy (Costing) and General Counsel 613-301-6708
Nasreddine Ammar (!) Research Assistant 613-617-7519
Negash Haile Research Assistant
Nesreddine Ammar Economic Analyst
Nigel Wodrich Research Assistant 613-992-4793
Philip Bagnoli Economic Advisor-Analyst 613-286-2687
Robert Behrend Financial Analyst
Rod Story Financial Advisor - Analyst 613-291-5423
Sarah MacPhee Economic Analyst
Scott Cameron Economic Advisor-Analyst 613-992-4793
Varun Srivatsan Research Assistant
Xiaoyi Yan Director, Budgetary Analysis