Open Government and Portals


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Rodericks (2019) Lead, Open Innovation 343-542-1661
Ada Oliver Analyst 343-549-6367
Alannah Hilt Business Lead, Open Government Portal 613-668-7115
Alexandra Marchand Outreach and Engagement Advisor 613-371-2479
Allison O'Beirne (2019) Team Lead, Open Government Implementation 613-716-4479
André Whittingham Senior Project Leader 613-286-7436
Benoit Frenette Senior Advisor 613-410-6642
Brianne Lamarche Outreach and Engagement 613-219-4736
Christopher Jaja Indeterminate 613-323-3905
Christopher Schultz Lead, Implementation 343-550-3969
Cindy McKinley Summit Operations Manager 613-406-5659
Houssam Bedja Programmer - Application Development 613-400-1540
Isabelle Dutil Project Services Officer 343-996-1033
Jaimie Boyd (2019) Director, Open Government 613-796-2708
Jeff Ball Director, Open Government 613-369-9630
Jonathan Rybicki Policy Analyst 343-542-8329
Lauren Howard Outreach and Engagement Specialist 343-550-4588
Leslie Cheung Senior Advisor, Outreach and Engagement, Open Government 343-550-4587
Lucas Beal Analyst 343-550-4590
Lynn Gaudet Team Lead, Client Support & Onboarding 343-550-9739
Matthew Cullen Senior Project Officer 613-513-6946
Mélanie Robert Executive Director, Open Government 613-369-9699
Melissa Roy Executive Assistant for Mélanie Robert, Executive Director 613-369-9698
Molly Rock Junior Analyst
Moses Iziomon Senior Advisor, Intergovernmental and International 613-793-9280
Patrick Little Advisor 613-698-8062
Ross Thompson IT Team Leader 613-371-4187
Sarah MacLeod Senior Project Officer 613-762-8390
Thiago Fernandes de Lima Lead, Open Government Global Summit 613-286-5184
Tina Harvey Issues Manager 343-549-2028
Tony Li Analyst 514-607-9046