Office of the Deputy Minister of Public Service Accessibility


Name Title Telephone Number
Afreen Delvi Communications Strategist 343-571-3243
Alfred MacLeod Assistant Deputy Minister 613-369-5672
Alicha Keddy Analyst
Alyssa Louw (2020) Advisor, Public Service Accessibility 343-549-0614
AnaLori Smith Research Analyst 343-550-9121
Angela Wellman (2019) Chief of Staff 613-369-9321
Catherine Chapeskie Junior Analyst 613-218-6338
Chantal Veilleux Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister
Daniel Patterson (2020) Analyst 613-700-9824
Diana Shaw-Malvern (2021) Director, Centralized Enabling Workplace Fund 613-415-9854
Elena Pesut Advisor 343-550-0295
Gabriel Rompré Fellow, Policies and Program 343-542-4274
Glen Hayes Advisor 613-218-2260
Helen Zhao (2021) Administrative Assistant 613-369-9385
Jessica Pautz Senior Advisor 343-571-1597
Jolyanne Marcotte (2019) Executive Assistant 613-369-3977
Josiane Hardy administrative assistant 613-294-4318
Katarina Georgaras Analyst
Katherine O'Rourke Chief of Staff 613-355-8430
Kirsten Perreault Program Advisor 613-898-4312
Luna Bengio Principal Advisor to the Deputy Minister 613-369-9359
Lynn Dagenais (2020) Administrative Support Officer 343-543-5083
Mangla Shandal (2021) Advisor 343-571-2981
Max Brault (2019) Senior Advisor 613-410-5659
Melanie Ciarlo (2020) Project Officer 613-447-6751
Nathalie Dakin Advisor 343-549-4732
Nathan Going (2020) Advisor/Economist
Stephanie Austin Director of Policy and Engagement 613-293-4894
Yamiley Beauboeuf (2019) Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister 613-369-3977
Yazmine Laroche Deputy Minister 613-369-3460