Adam Bergren

Adam Bergren works as RO, Hybrid Electronics for National Research Council Canada.
Adam can be reached at 780-641-1762

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RO, Hybrid Electronics
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[email protected]
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National Research Council Canada
National Institute for Nanotechnology
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Adam Bergren's team

Abebaw Jemere Project Leader 780-641-1712
Alex Kobryn Research Officer 780-641-1721
Andrew Myles RCO 780-641-1758
Andriy Kovalenko RO, Nanotechnology Theory & Modeling 780-641-1716
Bradley Smith Technical Officer 780-641-1920
Brett Duguay Research Associate 780-690-9879
Cara Garrett Director, Operations 780-641-1619 11421 Saskatchewan Drive Edmonton Alberta Canada
Chris Haugen Director, Research and Development 780-641-1615
Darren Makeiff Project Leader 780-641-1920
Feng Wang TO, Molecular and Cell Biology 780-641-1696
Janice Warkentin Liaison and Coordination Officer 780-641-1610
Jason Pitters Research Officer 780-641-1731
Marek Malac RO, TEM Grp 780-641-1662
Marie D'Iorio Executive Director 780-641-1610 11421 Saskatchewan Drive Edmonton Alberta Canada
Mark Salomons RCO, Instrument Design Engineer 780-492-8570
Michael Bergen Research Council Officer 780-641-1668
Michael Fleischauer RO, Engineered Materials 780-641-1762
Mike Xia TO, Supv Organic and Inorg Synth 780-641-1652
Miroslav Belov Technical Officer, Devices and Sensors 780-641-1681
Nhung Le Project Manager Coordinator
Nikola Pekas Research Officer 780-641-1759
Paul Concepcion TO, Scanning Electron Microscopy 780-641-1992
Rajesh Pillai Research Associate 780-641-1687
Sarah Bouchard Administrative Assistant 100 Tunney's Pasture Driveway
Sergey Gusarov Research Officer 780-641-1721
Serguei Koutcheiko RCO, Mgr of Laboratory Facilities 780-641-1659
Timothy Patrie TO, Cleanroom 780-641-1658
Tyler Norsten Project Manager
Valentyna Semenchenko TO, Nanolife Sciences 780-641-1694
Wayne Hiebert RO, Nanotechnology 780-641-1708

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