Adam Bergren

Adam Bergren works as Research Officer, Hybrid Electronics for National Research Council Canada.
Adam can be reached at 780-641-1762

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Research Officer, Hybrid Electronics
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[email protected]
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National Research Council Canada
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Adam Bergren's team

Aaron Kirkey
Abebaw Jemere Project Leader 780-641-1712
Aidan Maxwell (2019) Coop
Aiden Cottrell-Callbeck (2019) Student
Aliesha Johnson Technical Officer
Anandram Venkatasubramanian 780-641-1600
Andrew Myles Director, Research and Development 780-641-1758
Andriy Kovalenko Research Officer, Nanotechnology T&M 780-641-1716
Angela Brigley Technical Officer 780-641-1655 11421 Saskatchewan Drive
Ashley Wagner Technical Officer
Bradley Smith Technical Officer 780-641-1755
Brian Olsen
Bryan Szeto TO, Hybrid Electronics 780-641-1763 11421 Saskatchewan Drive
Byoungyoul Park Research Associate
Calvin Palmer
Carissa Ouellette Technical Officer
Carol Hebert Project Management Coordinator 780-641-1643
Catherine de Guzman Technical Officer 780-641-1650
Colin Van Dyck (2019) Research Associate 780-641-1761
Da Young Kang (2019) Coop
Daniel To (2019) Coop student
Darren Homeniuk Technical Officer 780-641-1646
Darren Makeiff Project Leader 780-641-1920
dhrish Amin (2019) Coop
Douglas Vick Research Officer, Focused Ion Beam 780-641-1665 11421 Saskatchewan Drive
Ehsan Vahidzadeh
Elham Zohari
Eliana Feygin Coop
Erik Luber 780-641-1743
Feng Wang Technical Officer 780-641-1655
Ghazal Haji salem
Gustavo de Oliveira Luiz (2019)
Hui Qian RCO,Transmission Electron Microscopy Mgr 780-641-1664 11421 Saskatchewan Drive
Hui Wang
Isabelle Cyr (2019) Administrative Assistant to DG 780-641-1625
Jae-Young Cho TO, SNAG 780-641-1751 11421 Saskatchewan Drive
James Lee (2019) Student
Janice Warkentin Liaison and Administrative Coordinator 780-641-1612
Jason Pitters Research Officer 780-641-1731
Jasper Woodard

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