Sergei Studenikin

Sergei Studenikin works as Research Officer, Quantum Physics for National Research Council Canada.
Sergei can be reached at 613-993-0366

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Research Officer, Quantum Physics
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[email protected]
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National Research Council Canada
Security and Disruptive Technologies
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Sergei Studenikin's team

Albert Stolow 613-993-7388
Andrei Naumov Research Council Officer 613-991-4185
Andy Sachrajda Group Leader, Quantum Physics Group 613-866-2911
Arnold Kell Research Officer, Surface Modification 613-990-7308
Benoit Simard Molecular and Nano Material Architecture 613-990-0977
Bert Avery Technical Officer 613-993-7384
Christa Homenick Research Associate 613-991-3845 100 Sussex Drive
Dan Grobnic Research Officer
Daniel Banks Research Facility Analyst 613-584-8298
David Coulas Technical Officer
David Villeneuve Research Officer 613-993-9975
Dennis Klug Theory and Computation 613-991-1238
Douglas Moffatt Technical Officer 613-991-6376
Duncan Stewart General Manager 613-990-0915 100 Sussex Drive Ottawa Ontario Canada
Duncan England Research Associate 613-998-9468
Fuyong Cheng Research Officer 613-949-4410
Geof Aers RESEARCH OFFICER 613-993-9403
Homin Shin Research Officer
Jacques Lefebvre Research Officer 613-993-1397
Jianfu Ding Research Officer 613-993-4456
Jianying Ouyang Research Officer 613-993-7694
Jimmy Bolduc TO, Detectors, Instrumenta and Control 613-584-8811
Jingwen Guan Research Officer 613-993-7830
John Root Director, Research and Development 613-584-8297
Joseph McKee Facility Manager 613-990-4069
Keun Su Kim Research Officer 613-990-0977
Lise Chabot Administrative Assistant 613-990-8599 100 Sussex Drive Ottawa Ontario Canada
Malgosia Daroszewska Technical Officer 613-991-1577
Marek Zgierski Research Officer 613-990-0980
Marek Korkusinski Research Officer, QTG 613-993-9390

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