Abedelnasser Abulrob

Abedelnasser Abulrob works as Research Officer for National Research Council Canada.
Abedelnasser can be reached at 613-993-3745

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Research Officer
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[email protected]
Street Address
1200 Montreal Road (view on map)
Postal Code
National Research Council Canada
Human Health Therapeutics
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Abedelnasser Abulrob's team

Abigail Robertson Technical Officer
Ahmed Zafer Technical Officer 613-991-6371
Alain Alary Project Manager 514-496-6129
Alaka Mullick Research Officer 514-496-6281 6100 Royalmount Avenue
Alex Pelletier Technical Officer
Alex Shepherd Student
Alexandra Star Technical Officer 613-990-3600
Ali Shukri Student
Alina Burlacu Technical Officer 514-496-6784
Allan Matte Research Officer 514-496-2557
Alma Robert Technical Officer 514-496-6351
Alvaro Yogi Research Officer 613-990-0891
Amalia Ponce Technical Officer 613-998-3932
Amélie Bolduc-Chrétien Student
Amine Kamen 514-496-2264
Amy Aylsworth Technical Officer 613-990-0847
Ana Magalhaes Research Officer
Anat Krechmer Student
André Ponton Research Officer 514-496-2558
Andrea Acel Technical Officer 514-496-5892
Andrew Leslie Technical Officer 902-426-0558
Andrew Cox Team Leader 613-991-6172
Angie Verner Technical Officer 613-993-9311
Anh Tran Research Officer 613-990-7021
Anindita Chattopadhyay Technical Officer 613-991-6371
Anissa Brahami
Anja Rodenbrock Research Council Officer
Anna Robotham Technical Officer 613-991-9203
Anna Cunningham Technical Officer 613-993-9685
Anna Moraitis Research Officer 514-496-6157
Anna Ananchenko Student
Anna Jezierski Research Officer 613-990-1999
Anne Lenferink Research Officer 514-496-6383
Anne Marcil Team Leader 514-496-1923
Anne-Marie Gélinas Technical Officer 514-496-6170
Anne-Marie Boyer Technical Officer 514-496-6331
Annie Aubry Technical Officer 514-283-0189
Annie Fortin Technical Officer 514-496-6365
Antoine Fleitz Technical Officer
Arsalan Haqqani Research Officer 613-993-2797

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