Juan Pablo Arroyo-Mora

Juan Pablo Arroyo-Mora works as Research Officer for National Research Council Canada.
Juan Pablo can be reached at 613-993-7296

First name
Juan Pablo
Last name
Research Officer
Telephone Number
Alternate Number
Fax Number
[email protected]
Street Address
No address found (view on map)
Postal Code
National Research Council Canada
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Juan Pablo Arroyo-Mora's team

Aaren Bebar Mechanical Technologist 613-993-5170
Aaron Derouin (2022) Research Council Officer 613-990-7597
Abbey Saunders Manager, Facilities Engineering 613-993-9277
Aby Noel Administrative Assistant 613-993-2423
Abyan Mohamed Abdillahi (2022) Administrative Assistant 343-551-0391
Adam Kirchhefer Facility Engineer 613-993-2757
Adam McMullen Mechancial Technologist 613-991-5548
Adam Fraser (2020)
Adam Gee (2022) Co-op Student
Adam Sherwood Co-op Student
Ahmad Sadek Team Leader 514-283-9280
Ahmed Damir Research Officer 514-283-9304
Ahsan Aziz Instrumentation Technologist 613-998-6841
Aida El-Khoury Administrative Assistant to DG 613-998-7727
Alain Benoit Mechanical Technologist 613-298-4201
Alais Imbert 514-283-9259
Alan Stocker Mechanical Design Technologist
Alanna Wall Research Officer 613-993-1942
Alayne Reed (2022) 613-969-8037
Alexander Crain Research Officer 383-550-6796
Alexandra Lothrop Co-op Student
Alexandre Cooper (2022) Administrative Assistant
Alexis Gerard 514-283-4829
Ali Benmeddour Research Officer 613-949-8101 1920 Research Road
Ali Merati Research Officer 613-993-7385 1200 Montreal Road
Ali Yousefpour Team Leader 514-283-9407
Ali Ibrahim (2022) Student 514-283-4829
Allan Greer Emissions and Diagnostics Supervisor 613-993-4735 1200 Montreal Road
Allan Commanda
Amin Fereidooni Research Officer 613-998-5339
Anant Grewal Research Officer 613-991-5465
Anastasia Champagne Quality Manager & Project Systems Spec 613-993-5339
Andre Beltempo Research Council Officer 613-993-1019
André Beltempo (2021) Research Council Officer 613-993-1019
Andrew Johnston Research Officer 613-993-1159 1200 Montreal Road
Andrew Corber Research Council Officer 613-991-0642
Andrew Christie Structural Test & Facility Manager 613-991-0169
Andrew Ott (2020) Senior Emissions Technologist 613-990-8751
Andrew Law Research Council Officer 613-991-5436
Andrew Hague Mechanical Technologist 613-990-4424 1 Haanel Drive - Building 2

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