Royal Canadian Mounted Police External Review Committee


Name Title Telephone Number
Caroline Verner Counsel 613-990-2891
Charles Smith Vice-Chairperson
Dale Randell Counsel
Daniel Willis Counsel 819-654-2041
David Paradiso Chair of the RCMP External Review Committee 613-990-9982
Elizabeth Walker (!) Chair 613-998-2134
Émilie Larouche-Côté (!) Legal Counsel
Jamie Deacon Executive Director 613-998-2874
Jill Gunn (!) Counsel 613-949-3370
Jonathan Haig Program Officer 613-990-6462
Josh Brull Counsel 613-998-6926
Julie Brunet Director, Corporate Services and Registrar 613-998-1650
Lorraine Grandmaitre (!) Manager, Corporate Services 613-998-1650
Martin Griffin Counsel 613-990-7247
Martin Hérault-Leroux Administrative Assistant 613-998-2134
Patricia Hum Legal Counsel
Renaud Lacroix (!) Administrative Officer 613-998-2134
Trupati Patel Counsel 613-957-9217