Transportation Safety Board of Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
(Christina) Missy Rudin-Brown Senior Human Factors Investigator 819-994-8078
Alexandre Fournier Media Relations Specialist 819-994-8051
Alistair Bratton Paralegal 819-743-7961
Allan Chaulk Regional Senior Investigator - Technical / Air Investigations- Atlantic 902-426-2783
Allen Barrett Regional Senior Investigator, Technical 204-983-3018
Anastasia Savoie (!) Editor 819-994-8029
André Choinière Procurement and Contracting Officer 819-953-6292
André Turenne (!) Regional Senior Investigator, Technical 514-633-2951
Ann Marie Sibbald Director, Work Environment Modernization 819-997-5920
Anne Lavigueur AO-DG CORP 819-994-3743
Annick Louisseize AO-OPS 613-990-0771
Antonin Marcoux Regional Senior Investigator - Central 581-397-3135
Antony Ramarokoto Programmer Analyst 819-661-5610
Ari Rosberg Senior Statistical Analyst 819-953-6295
Art Monette (!) Head, Information Management 819-953-2636
Audrey Trobacher (!) HR Advisor, Developmental / Human Resources 819-994-8007
Austin Adam (!) Regional Senior Investigator - Operations 902-426-5415
Austin Adams Regional Senior Investigator - Operations 902-426-5415
Awil Hassan Financial and Administrative Assistant 819-953-1759
Barry Holt Regional Senior Investigator, Technical 780-495-2005
Beatrice Baffert Senior Technical Writer/Editor 403-837-6390
Bernard Breton (!) Manager, Regional Operations - Central 418-648-7419
Beverley Harvey Senior Investigator, Operations 819-994-8056
Bill Yearwood (!) Manager, Regional Operations, Pacific 604-666-4972
Brad Vardy (!) Manager, International Operations and Major Investigations 819-994-4255
Branden Murdoch Aerospace Systems Engineer 613-990-0930
Brenda Harlow Contracting and Procurement Specialist 343-543-1611
Breton Martin (!) Director, Operational Services 819-994-4135
Brian Stokes (!) Regional Senior Investigator, Operations 905-771-7690
Bruce Mullen Regional Senior Investigator - Operations 902-426-2885
Carole Pion (!) Coordinator, Issues and Project Management 819-994-8002
Carole Pion Head, Administration 613-292-5018
Carole Champagne Branch Administration Officer 819-994-8038
Catherine Parent Senior Editor 819-994-8043
Céline Lanthier Head, Information Management 873-353-8363
Chanelle Pion Executive Support and Scheduling Officer 819-994-8074
Chantal Gibeault Coordinator, Compensation and OHS 819-953-5142
Chantal Poisson Head, Corporate Secretariat 819-994-1358
Chris Krepski Media Relations Specialist 819-953-7812
Christine Marshall (!) Branch Operations and Project Information Coordinator 613-990-0775
Christine DeCorby Regional Office Administrator 204-983-5991
Christopher Hall Regional Office Administrator 902-426-8563
Christopher Morrow Regional Investigator, Fishing Vessel 902-426-6253
Christopher Johnston Regional Senior Investigator, Operations 604-666-2197
Claude Girard (!) Administrative Services Officer 819-994-4310
Claude Lelièvre Senior Engineer Specialist, Metallurgy/Physical Sciences 613-990-0841
Claude Daoust Systems Engineer 613-990-0884
Clay Finch-Field Senior Investigator/Safety Analyst 819-994-4254
Clinton Rebeiro Regional Senior Investigator, Nautical 604-666-4960
Crystal Parsons Information Management Officer 819-994-1491
Dan Holbrook Manager, Head Office, Western Regional Operations - Rail 819-997-3837
Dan Di Tota Investigator/Technical Coordinator 819-953-1635
Dan White Manager, Human Resources 819-994-8010
Daniel White (!) Team Lead, Human Resources 819-997-3660
Daniel Gatto (!) Articling Student 819-744-0639
Daniel Lavigueur (!) Coordinator, Administrative Services 613-290-2203
Daniel Clarke Regional Senior Investigator, Technical 604-666-0869
Daoxing Chen Senior Railway Dynamics Engineer 613-990-0916
Daphne Boothe Manager, Regional Operations, Atlantic 902-426-2822
Darlene Roosenboom Specialist/Senior Investigator, Railway Oprerations Toronto 905-771-7688
Daryl Collins Senior Investigator, Operations 819-994-8034
David Ross Regional Senior Investigator, Operations 204-983-8843
David Mohan Senior Human Factors Investigator 613-617-0259
Denis Deroy (!) Regional Senior Investigator, Technical 514-633-2947
Denise Hamilton Branch Operations and Project Information Coordinator 613-990-0775
Dennis Church Senior Regional Investigator 819-953-7287
Derek Gagné Electrical/Mechanical Systems Engineer 613-990-0838
Diane Faubert-Lepage (!) Investigations Operations Assistant 819-953-1399
Diane Faubert (!) HO Administrative Assistant 819-953-1399
Dominik Beauchamp (!) Coordinator, Financial Services 819-953-1855
Don Enns (!) Manager, Regional Operations, Ontario 905-771-7690
Don Ross (!) Regional Senior Investigator Dartmouth 902-426-1680
Don Mustard Senior Rail Investigator Toronto 905-771-7704
Don Crawford Regional Senior Investigator Calgary 403-299-3911
Doug McEwen Regional Senior Invesitgator - Technical 902-426-2783
Earl Chapman Senior Technical Analyst 613-990-0878
Eckhard Dittbrenner Regional Senior Investigator, Technical 204-983-2644
Eddie Belkaloul (!) Manager, Pipeline and Eastern Regional Operations - Rail 819-997-3837
Eric Collard (!) Strategic Communications Advisor 819-994-8051
Eric Brown Voice/Data Analyst 613-990-0929
Eric Vermette Manager, Regional Operations, Central 204-983-2609
Ewan Tasker Manager, Regional Operations 905-771-7689
Faisa Abdi (!) Student 819-953-5551
Faye Ackermans Board Member 819-934-4195
France Trottier (!) Senior Editor 819-994-8043
François Sylvain Senior Application Architect 873-353-8357
François Dumont Regional Senior Investigator Engineering 418-580-0254
Fred Burow Regional Senior Investigator, Operations 780-495-2087
Gabrielle Boelsterli Procurement and Contracting Officer 819-994-8030
Geneviève Corbin (!) Strategic Communications Advisor / Media relations spokesperson 819-953-2567
Geneviève Villeneuve HR Project Officer 819-994-8021
Geneviève Hotte (!) Editor 819-953-2567
George Fowler Specialist/ Senior Investigator, Railway Track Signals Toronto 905-771-7680
Gerard Kruithof Senior Investigator/Standards and Training Officer Gatineau 819-956-4718
Gerrit Vermeer Regional Senior Investigator, Operations 780-495-7051
Ginette Lavigne (!) HO Administrative Assistant 819-953-1646
Giorgio Celere Regional Senior Investigator Winnipeg 204-984-7275
Glen Pilon Regional Senior Investigator Gatineau 819-953-1632
Glen Friesen (!) Regional Senior Investigator, Operations 604-666-2124
Glen Whitney Senior Investigator, Operations 819-953-1640