Canada Revenue Agency


Name Title Telephone Number
Aarne Kaki 416-973-8692
Aaron Rosenberg Principal Policy Analyst 613-946-2689
Aaron Menchions Team Leader 613-850-2514
Aaron Murphy Statistical Research Analyst 613-957-7581
Aaron Côté Ministerial Correspondence Officer 613-946-5624
Abbey Bauer ATIP Analyst, Satellite Office 604-775-7232
Abdelmajid Nainia Technical Advisor; Collections 514-283-1248
AbderRahmane Kermoud Assistant Director 613-670-8907
Abdi Elmi Idleh IT ANALYST/DEVELOPER 613-948-9644
Abdoul Rachidi Karimou Policy Analyst 613-948-3422
Abdoulaye Lo 613-960-2274
Abdul Fatih Program Analyst 613-670-9593
Abdul-Rahman Alhassan-Abu Research Statistician 613-670-0664
Abe Mansour IT Analyst/Developer 613-948-5649
Abebe Mekonnen Project Leader 613-948-6976
Abhai Dalvi IT Infrastructure Support Analyst 613-954-5769
Abigail Greenidge Senior Programs Officer 613-946-7369
Abraham Garcia Resource Planning and Analysis Officer 613-948-9293
Abraham Issa (!) Program Coordinator 613-946-8007
Ace Torres 416-954-4151
Adaku Osaseri Technical Policy Advisor 613-946-0203
Adam Matheson Planning and Project Support Officer 613-941-6083
Adam Huisman IT Infrastructure Support Analyst 613-948-6252
Adam Berthiaume A/Senior Program Officer 613-946-2040
Adam Sullivan Senior Programs Officer 613-957-7442
Adam Mauntah Counsel 613-941-0868
Adam Hearty A / Programs Officer 613-941-5684
Adam Joyce Statistician 613-960-6434
Adele St. Denis Administrative Assistant 613-952-1404
Adèle Cormier (!) Manager 613-948-5260
Adèle Lacroix Senior Redress Advisor 613-946-9349
Adèle Guertin (!) Junior Compliance Programs Officer 613-957-9432
Adèle Rocque (!) Program Officer 613-960-2204
Adeyemi Esuola Policy Analyst 613-952-8282
Adianes Garcia Resource Management Analyst 613-952-2106
Adnan Khan Director 613-954-8291
Adnan Ali Khan 613-960-5369
Adolphe Ouedraogo A/Public Affairs Advisor 613-960-5463
Adrian Harvey IT Specialist 613-952-0588
Adrian Senn (!) Strategic Resourcing Analyst 613-799-4684
Adrian Raghunandan Director 613-941-6826
Adriana Maluenga Programmer/ Analyst 613-952-7334
Adriana Dimo IT Developer 613-941-0382
Adriana Giardino Senior Programs Officer 613-957-7785
Adrianna McGillivray (!) Agency Assistant to the Minister 613-995-2960
Adrianna Borrelli 416-954-3933
Adrianne Bolton IT Project Leader 613-954-9198
Adrienne Bozsik Regional Official Languages Advisor 604-775-5672
Adrienne Kolotylo Assistant Director, Finance and Administration Services 416-973-5521
Afshin Shams Director 613-960-1473