Canadian Commercial Corporation


Name Title Telephone Number
Adèle Groulx Executive Assistant 613-995-9144
Aden Sahal-Draper Intern, Contract Operations 613-943-2042
Adriano Pagliarello (!) Finance Student 613-943-2982
Alanna O'Brien (!) Policy and Planning Analyst 613-947-9891
Aleksandra Pisarek (!) Legal Counsel 613-947-0594
Alice Gasirabo Project Administrator, Contract Operations 613-943-5674
Amber Yeh Project Manager, Contract Structuring 613-992-3498
Amine El Ghrabli (!) HR Advisor, Payroll, Compensation & Benefits 613-996-4114
André Séguin Contractor, IT Group 613-995-9083
Andrew Shisko Senior Director, Global Business Development and Sales 613-992-8802
Andrew Prevost Legal Counsel 613-947-0594
Angela Doré (!) Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-996-4114
Angie Tinor Assistant Vice-President, Corporate Services 613-995-1723
Anita Labelle Account Executive, Cuba Contracting and China Offices 613-947-1413
Anne-Marie Ethier (!) Executive Assistant, Business Development and Sales 613-992-3080
Anoshia Qadri (!) Human Resources Assistant 613-995-6107
Anthony Rizk (!) Senior Project Manager 613-992-8814
Antony Rizk Senior Pursuit Development Officer 613-992-8814
Ashton Doyle (!) Intern, Procurment Services 613-947-3852
Astrid Eve (!) Payroll Administrator and HR Coordinator 613-995-6107
Benoit Pelletier (!) Senior Database Administrator 613-995-8072
Bernard Guité Senior Financial Analyst 613-992-8814
Bethany MacLean (!) Business Analyst, Cuba Contracting and China Offices 613-943-4060
Bita Hasannezhad Systems Analyst-Database Administrator, IT group 613-995-8072
Bogdan Tanasie (!) Financial Administrator 613-947-6993
Brigitte Sabourin Financial Officer 613-996-4119
Camelia Tanasie Project Manager, Contract Management 613-996-4117
Cameron McKenzie (!) V-P, Business Development & Sales 613-943-3719
Camilo Sibrian Systems Administrator 613-995-8095
Carl Marcotte Vice President, Operations and Head of Defence Sector 613-995-0711
Caroline Liguori Beale (!) Executive Assistant, Business Development and Sales 613-992-3080
Catriona Campbell (!) Business Analyst 613-995-8726
Chantal Servant Financial Officer, Cash Management 613-995-5676
Chris Porter BD Performance and Process Analyst 613-992-8758
Christian Nova (!) Junior Project Manager, Contract Structuring 613-947-7001
Christian Dechamplain Directeur,Business Development Infrastructure & Construction 613-995-1608
Christopher Lam Manager, Contract Structuring 613-944-7520
Colleen Proulx (!) Project Manager 613-995-8019
Colleen Mapendere Director, Business Development, Defence Sector 613-943-2982
Craig Kennedy Technical Support Analyst 613-944-1335
Daniel Trbovich (!) Financial Risk Analyst 613-992-4205
Danielle Graham Legal and Administrative Assistant 613-992-4433
Daphné Jara-Charbonneau (!) Junior Project Manager,Cuba Contracting and China Offices 613-995-5171
Daphné Jara- Charbonneau (!) Project Manager, Procurement Services 613-995-5171
Darren Young (!) Account Executive, Contract Management 613-995-8975
Darren Boomer Director, Contract Management and Procurement 613-995-0944
Dave Rudnicki (!) Manager, Contract Management 613-995-9149
Dave Wheeler Director, USA Operations and Aerospace 613-995-9349
David Morralee (!) Project Administrator, Contract Operations 613-947-0533
Deborah Haig Executive Assistant to President 613-995-9116 x276
Della Figiel Project Administrator, Contract Operations 613-996-0900
Denisa Horak Marketing Analyst 613-995-0710
Denise Maheux (!) Administrative and Scheduling Assistant 613-996-0043
Diane Brisson (!) Data Entry Operator, Contract Structuring 613-995-0894
Don Henry (!) Director, US Government Relations/Acting for Contract Management and Procurement 613-995-9083
Don Olsen Director, Business Development and Sales for Middle East and Africa 613-995-0946
Doug O'Neill Accounting Executive, Contract Management 613-996-7708
Elena Zotskina Financial Officer 613-992-8892
Eric Hamelin Director, Contract Management 613-995-7706
Eric Perreault Manager, IT Infrastructure 613-995-2284
Éric Perreault (!) Manager, IT infrastructure (Parental Leave) 613-995-2284
Erik Husband Director, Risk Management 613-995-0538
Erika Chen Junior Project Manager, Cuba Contracting and China Offices 613-946-2624
Erin Cleaver Project Administrator, Contract Operations 613-992-8919
Ernie Briard Vice-President, Risk and Finance and Chief Financial Officer 613-995-4658
François Payeur Director, Business Development & Sales, South America 613-219-6190
Georgia Fox Junior Communications Analyst, Human Resources 613-992-3086
Greg Smith (!) Director, Special Projects 613-943-1354
Hakan Agyar (!) Quality Management and Process Analyst, Quality Management 613-995-8095
Holly Longhurst Junior Project Administrator, Procurement Services 613-995-0560
Ian McLeod Vice President, Business Development & Sales 613-943-3719
Issam Elhaje Manager, Cuba Contracting and China Offices 613-995-8937
Jacinthe Waldron Manager, Business Support 613-947-8640
Jacinthe Goulet Administrative Assistant, Business Development and Sales 613-996-0262
Jackie Peplinski Senior Project Officer, Procurement Services 613-995-6070
Jacques Greffe (!) V-p, Defence Procurement and Contract Management 613-996-0161
Jacques Beaulne Senior ATIP Analyst, Legal services 613-992-4419
Jaime Moore Manager, Human Resources 613-995-3311
James Mott Senior Project Manager, Contract Management 613-947-9317
Jason Hann Senior Director, Risk and Performance Mangement 613-943-5659
Jeff Tasseron Director, Business Development, Information, Communications and Technologies (ICT) 613-992-3082
Jennifer Scarizzi (!) Administrative Assistant 613-992-8817
Jessica O'Dacre (!) Student 613-943-7495
Jim Kightley Senior Director, Contract Management 613-990-3240
Joan McManus (!) Senior Procurement Officer 613-995-6107
Joanne Estey Junior Project Manager, Contract Operations 613-943-6391
Joanne Desrochers Senior Risk Analyst 613-995-5174
John Bouchard Director, Finance and Policy 613-995-8014
John Pallasico Senior Legal Counsel 613-995-5171
Jolanta Tanczak Financial Officer 613-992-8878
Jonathan Neill (!) Senior Project Manager, Business Development and Sales 613-943-4901
Jonathan McAuley Senior Government Relations Officer, Business Development and Sales 613-943-4901
Judy Ann Hollander (!) Project Manager 613-995-6070
Julie Guindon (!) Senior Human Resources Advisor 613-995-3365
Julie Pariseau Assistant Corporate Secretary 613-947-4867
Julie Lacroix Account Executive, Contract Management 613-995-8726
Justin Christensen Law student, Legal services 613-943-2050
Kadiatou Diallo Project Administrator, Procurement Services 613-992-3512
Kamilia Saad Legal Cousel 613-995-8975
Kathee Nash Project Manager, Procurement Services 613-992-4415