Canadian Dairy Commission


Name Title Telephone Number
Aamir Asgarali (!) Senior Officer Commercial Operations 613-792-2019
Adrienne Morin (!) Senior Domestic Marketing Program Officer 613-792-2038
Alex Komashchenko Senior Auditor 613-286-0183
Alex Xiao Junior Auditor 613-792-2050
Alistair Johnston Chairperson 604-761-5373
Amélie Alrifaee Communications Officer 613-792-2084
Andrea Paolucci (!) Special Milk Class Program Agent 613-792-2012
Andrea Prévost Accounts Payable Clerk 613-715-5227
Andrée Chenard (!) Senior Policy and Program Advisor 613-797-3334
Annick Louisseize (!) Audit Assistant 613-792-2053
Benoit Guertin Audit Project Leader 613-799-9154
Benoît Basillais Director, Policy and Economics 613-792-2044
Bianka Litalien Translation project Coordinator 613-792-2049
Brigitte Pettes Auditor 613-402-8728
Chantal Tokui Program Agent 613-792-2007
Chantal Laframboise Director, Finance and Administration 613-792-2056
Chantal Paul Director, Corporate Services 613-792-2040
Christine Boutin Senior Director, Commercial Operations and Marketing 613-792-2070
Christine Tremmaglia Intermediate Economist Policy Analyst 613-302-5082
Corinne Canuel-Jolicoeur (!) Human Resources Programs Manager 613-792-2018
Cyndia De Sousa (!) Program Agent 613-668-2524
Cyprien Awono Bessa Economist and Policy Analyst 613-797-3334
Danie Cousineau Corporate Secretary 613-792-2016
Daniel Vienneau Financial Services Officer 613-286-4770
Danielle Sabourin Program Agent 613-792-2038
Dara Marcus Economist Policy Analyst 613-797-7411
David Vaillant Program Agent 613-792-2067
Douglas Crossman Senior Auditor 613-219-9473
Eliza Szychowska Systems Development Leader 613-240-6107
Eric Champagne (!) Domestic and Export Sales Officer 613-792-2035
Eric Champagne Senior Program Officer 613-720-7519
Eric Gingras Program Agent 613-792-2011
Francois Pellerin LAN Manager 613-462-9318
Frédéric Sigouin Economist Policy Analyst 613-792-9092
Georges Ainmelk Intermediate Economist Policy Analyst 613-302-6113
Gilles Froment (!) Chief Operating Officer 613-792-2030
Goerges Ainmelk (!) Junior Economist 613-302-6113
Guillaume Liddle Systems Development Leader 613-240-1146
Guoyu Gary Wu Database Administrator 613-769-5594
Hayat El-Khoury Financial Officer 613-792-2046
Henricus Bos (!) Commissioner 403-391-9627
Hossein Behzadi Director of Audit and Evaluation 613-222-2468
Hudson Ross (!) Systems Development Leader 613-792-2004
Isabelle Blanchard Senior Financial Officer, Pooling 613-286-4770
Jacques Laforge (!) Chief Executive Officer 613-792-2060
Jamie Stephen (!) Special Milk Class Program Agent 613-792-2081
Jamie Hill (!) Senior Auditor 613-406-1795
Janelle Takao Program Agent 613-792-2068
Jean-Daniel Lepage-Durand Domestic and Export Programs Coordinator 613-792-2042
Jeffrey Laplante Marketing Officer 613-792-2019