Canadian Judicial Council

Organization Structure

Canadian Judicial Council


Name Title Telephone Number
Johanna Laporte Director, Communication and Strategic Issues 613-288-1566
Josée Desjardins Director, Committees Management 613-288-1566(309)
Josée Gauthier Council Registrar 613-288-1566
Marc-Olivier Proulx Programmer/Analyst 613-288-1566
Melanie McKinnon Registry and Communications Support Officer 613-288-1566
Norman Sabourin Executive Director and General Counsel 613-288-1566(301)
Odette Dagenais Senior Administrative Officer 613-288-1566(314)
Odette Lalumière (!) Legal Advisor 613-288-1566 x312
Sylvie Lecoupe Committees Management Officer 613-288-1566