Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexander Grant Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-954-5708
Amber Rodger Research and Investigations Analyst 613-952-9607
Anna Van Dusen Communications Officer 613-952-1290
Ashley Rouse Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-952-1302
Bobbi Grant Special Advisor to the Chairperson 613-946-5209
Bradley Gagnon Senior Investigator 613-952-9575
Carole Bernard Intake Officer 613-960-6162
Cheryl Crotty (!) Informal Resolution Coordinator 604-657-7836
Claire Martin Executive Assistant 613-952-8038
Darrin Biggs Senior Investigator 613-960-0887
Dave Merkel (!) Senior Investigator 613-960-0867
David Dubé Technology Analyst 613-941-9493
David Octeau Intake Officer 613-960-6105
Diana Ris HR Services Officer 613-954-4894
Dominic Laferrière Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-952-1276
Elie Tarabie Acting Program Officer 613-960-1172
Émilie Patenaude Senior Writer/Editor 613-952-1277
Esha Harish Review and Provincial Reporting Clerk 613-960-0858
Evelyn Sarault Manager, Complaints Intake 613-952-3729
Gabriel Fahel Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-952-1267
George Leblanc Records Management Clerk 613-952-9573
Ginette Menard Senior HR Advisor 613-952-1271
Gunther Schonfeldt Intake Officer 613-960-6123
Günther Schönfeldt (!) Program Officer 613-960-6105
Guy Bujold Interim Vice-chairperson 613-952-8038
Ian McPhail (!) Chair 613-952-8038
Jason Tree Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-946-5210
Jason Galloway Senior Investigator 604-351-3269
Jennifer White (!) Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-960-0896
Jennifer Neil Intake Officer 613-952-4575
Joanne Gibb Director 613-952-9651
Jo-Anne McConnery Senior HR Advisor 613-941-0560
Josée-Anne Hedgecoe Senior Investigator 613-946-6066
Judy Berrea Security & Administrative Officer 613-960-2793
Julie Frechette Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-946-5217
Julie-Ève Picard Assistant Director, Human Resources 613-952-1821
June Carter (!) Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-946-5217
Karen Leibovici Vice-Chairperson 613-952-8038
Kate McDerby Manager, Complaints Intake and Program Transition 613-946-5212
Katie Tam (!) Research and Investigations Analyst 613-952-9607
Lara Keable-John Senior Research Advisor 613-946-5208
Laura Colella (!) Manager, Strategic Relationships 613-948-3757
Laurent Solasse Senior Investigator 613-960-1730
Lesley McCoy Legal Counsel 613-952-8036
Leslie Saunders Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-952-1280
Manon Dumais Head, Information Holdings 613-952-9646
Marc Labrosse Technology Analyst 613-946-5393
Marcel Gaudet (!) Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Manager, Planning, Finance and Administration 613-952-1307
Margaret Wyse Finance Officer 613-952-8035
Marie Powell Senior Reviewer/Analyst 613-946-5213