Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Feniak Director, Strategic Resourcing Division 613-437-8695
Aaron Marsaw Counsel 613-946-2883
Aaron Chang Citizenship and Immigration Officer 604-666-0883
Aaron Paquette Junior Analyst 613-437-9781
Abdelhakim Bendou (!) General Support Clerk 438-892-2548
Abdel-Ilah Eddini Quality Assurance Analyst 819-934-1240
Abdoulaye Sow Reporting Officer 613-437-6085
Abid Khawaja Senior Program Advisor 613-437-5715
Aboubacar Camara Financial Advisor 613-437-9241
Aboubacar Camara Team Leader, Operational Liaison 613-437-9241
Ada Tam Acting Supervisor 604-666-3996
Ada Tam Supervisor 604-666-3950
Adam Hayes Senior Policy Analyst 613-437-5896
Adam Norwick Senior Policy Advisor 613-437-7563
Adam Kates Analyst 613-437-7162
Adam Nichols CPA 780-917-9320
Adam Kates Program Advisor 613-437-7162
Adam Watt Client Support Officer 613-437-6822
Adel Ghié Senior Advisor 613-998-1717
Adib Alakel Analyst 613-437-8251
Adrian Kolodziejski (!) Program Analyst 613-437-8496
Adriana Bojan Administrative Officer 613-437-9197
Adriana Kolar Program Assistant 613-437-6297
Adrienne Rigg (!) Junior Policy Analyst 613-437-9056
Adrienne Christie (!) Senior Policy/Program Advisor 613-437-9385
Agata Frankowicz Senior Policy Analyst 613-437-7535
Agnieszka Kosik Analyst 613-437-9046
Agnieszka Flis Administrative Assistant 613-437-6410
Ahmed Asimail Technical Specialist 613-437-6432
Ahmed Hassan Project Lead 613-437-6449
Ahmed Bennai Senior Financial Policy Advisor 873-408-0416
Aileen Pangilinan Assistant Director 613-437-5633
Aileen Amigo-Macaraeg Settlement Officer 403-292-4135
Aissatou Sow Operational Support Officer 613-437-9748
Ajak Leek Resource Management Services Officer 613-437-6663
Akwall Randhawa Citizenship and Immigration Officer 604-953-9105
Alain Theriault ATIP Analyst 613-437-8974
Alain Auguste Junior Program Officer 613-437-7831
Alain Laurencelle Senior Counsel 613-437-7247
Alain Robitaille Senior Technical Analyst 873-408-0078
Alain Asselin Director 873-408-0264
Alain Auguste Family Class - Parents/Grandparents 613-948-8774
Alain Jalkh Financial Advisor 613-437-7677
Alain Jaklh (!) Financial Advisor 613-437-7677
Alan Echenberg Speechwriter 613-437-7611
Alana Podlesny Program Assistant 613-437-9795
Alanna MacDougall Director, Service Strategy 613-437-5815
Alanna Kulhkamp Analyst 613-437-7412
Albana Malaj Assistant Director 613-437-9735
Albert Fong Policy Analyst 613-437-7477