International Development Research Centre


Name Title Telephone Number
Abel Cheung Grant Administration Officer 613-696-2219
Adjoua Fodjo Noelie Bini (!) Student 613-696-2384
Adrian Di Giovanni Senior Program Officer (Law & Development) 613-696-2453
Ahmed K Rashid (!) Professional Development Awardee 613-696-2605
Ahmed Sheik Khan Professional Development Award Recipient 613-696-2464
Ahmed Tareq Rashid Program Officer, Knowledge Translation 613-696-2091
Alain St-Hilaire Intermediate Information and Records Coordinator 613-696-2001
Alain Carrière Office Services Clerk 613-696-2561
Alain Carriere (!) Information Services Assistant 613-696-2561
Alan Bloj (!) Student, IT Service Desk 613-696-2339
Alejandra Vargas-Garcia Program Officer, Knowledge Translation 613-696-2042
Alejandra Vargas Garcia (!) Senior Program Officer 613-696-2042
Alexa Jakubaitis Research Support Technician 613-696-2112
Alexandra Eustache Process Coordination and Policy Officer 613-696-2443
Alexandra MacKenzie (!) Student, E-Communications 613-696-2385
Alfredo Fonseca Senior Systems Analyst 613-696-2234
Ali Cheaitani Social Media Officer 613-696-2553
Allen Sinfield IT Corporate Architect 613-696-2260
Allie Wilson Program Assistant 613-696-2369
Althea-Maria Rivas (!) Senior Program Officer 613-696-2343
Alvaro Paz Mendez Senior Program Officer 613-696-2221
Amy Etherington Senior Program Officer, Evaluation 613-696-2231
Andre Embersics (!) Chief, Project Management Office 613-696-2255
André Lavoie Manager, Grant Administration 613-696-2530
André Embersics Chief, Project Management Office 613-696-2255
Andree Lalonde (!) Grant and Financial Information Systems Analyst 613-696-2471
Andree Leduc (!) Labour Relations and Occupational Health and Safety Specialist 613-696-2043
Andrée Lalonde Grant and Financial Information System Analyst 613-696-2471
Andrés Sanchez Senior Program Specialist 613-696-2113
Andrew Hurst Program Leader 613-696-2375
Andrew Cray Administrative Assistant 613-696-2205
Andrew Harris Manager, E-Communications 613-696-2131
Andrew Charles Green (!) IT Operations Analyst 613-236-6163(2520)
Ann Weston Program Leader 613-696-2313
Anna Lillicrap Legal Counsel 613-696-2251
Anne Gadbois IT Service Desk Analyst 613-696-5555
Anne Louiseize Executive Assistant 613-696-2038
Anne-Sophie Drouin IT Planning and Project Management Officer 613-696-2019
Annie Wesley Senior Program Specialist. 613-696-2133
Annie Garant Assistant Corporate Secretary 613-696-2264
Antonio Romero (!) Senior Program Officer 613-236-6163(3259)
Arjan de Haan Program Leader 613-696-2351
Ashley Farquharson Human Resources Coodinator 613-696-2324
Astou Seck (!) Human Resources Coordinator 613-696-2036
Avi Caplan Senior Analyst, Policy and Strategy 613-696-2311
Ayah Nayfeh Program Management Officer 613-696-2607
Barbara Porrett Research Information Management Analyst 613-696-2243
Barbara Alves Grant administrator 613-696-2213
Beata Bialic Senior Financial Analyst. 613-696-2420
Benoit Antille (!) IT Service Desk Analyst 613-696-2406