Natural Resources Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
A B M Kabir Computer Programmer 403-292-7190
Aaron Lee Corporate Reporting Analyst 343-292-8222
Aaron Hoskin Physical Sciences Specialist 613-795-4790
Aaron Alguire Senior HR Advisor, EX Services 343-292-8376
Aaron Henry Policy Analyst 343-292-6998
Aartee Khandelwal Technologist-Mineral Processing 613-995-3097
Abbas Khokhar Senior Financial Clerk 343-292-8319
Abdel Mohsen Idris Expert Combustion Res. Techn. 613-943-8101
Abdelaziz Hammache Research Scientist 450-652-7031
Abdelfettah Elhilali Senior Corporate Cost Accounting Analyst 343-292-8236
Abdelmadjid Djoumad Molecular Biology 418-648-7149
Abe Greenspoon Innovation Advisor 613-882-4375
Abigail Campbell Policy Analyst 343-292-6945
Abla Hanna Director, Operations, Resource Development Projects 343-292-6224
Acacia Paton-Young Junior Policy Analyst 343-292-7208
Achille LeFort (!) Human Resources Manager 506-452-3598
Ada Bergeron (!) Event Planner and Coordinator 343-292-8701
Adam Greenberg Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Officer 343-292-6502
Adam Paulsen Policy Analyst 613-291-9882
Adam Hendriks (!) Director, Operations Western Canada 613-995-7520
Adam El Sonbati Training Officer 613-947-0286
Adam Foster Postdoctoral Researcher 418-648-2533
Adam Daniel Begin Administration Officer 343-292-7414
Adedurotimi Adegbamigbe Web Application Developer 780-435-7289
Adesiji Rabiu Manager, Program Planning & Performance 780-987-8621
Adrian Majeski Manager, Technical Services 780-987-8783
Adrian Manlagnit Science and Technology Analyst 343-292-8961
Adrienne Jones Head, Sidney Subdivision 250-363-6419
Adrienne de Souza Project Coordinator 343-292-6576
Afzal Amlani System Administrator 780-495-2306
Agnes Mukanyandwi Senior Financial Analyst 343-292-6948
Agnes Chury Team Leader 343-998-9210
Agnieszka Bandura Market Analyst 343-292-6216
Agusti Bordas Cusco Senior Policy Advisor 613-220-1560
Ahmed Shafeen Research Engineer 613-944-4327
Ahmed Elsalhy Project Engineer 780-987-8770
Ahmed Awad Research Scientist, Smart-Grid 450-652-4621
Aiguo Su (!) Technical Assistant 403-292-7000
Aimee Saunders Environmental Management Officer 343-292-6891
Aimee Johnston Chief, Strategic Policy and Planning 343-292-6843
Aimin Guan National Forest Information System Developer 250-298-2432
Aining Zhang Senior Research Geographer 613-715-5269
Ainslee Emerson Director 343-292-6442
Ajae Hall Team Lead, Standard Analytical 780-987-8750
Akbarali Karsan Manager, SK Regional Office 306-780-5402
Akintona Sadiku Policy Advisor 343-292-6936
Al Clark Senior Advisor 343-292-6181
Al Vachon Senior Policy Advisor 613-291-6435
Al Bowler FNLM - Program Coordinator 780-495-7664
Alain Gareau Manager, Architecture Technical Services 613-355-7645