Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Brûlé Coordinator, Administrative Services 613-996-6002
Alison Zinni Communications and Outreach Advisor 613-996-6041
Amy Grumberg Compliance Advisor 613-996-6003
Ann Brennan Administrative Assistant 613-995-0722
Anne Paquette Compliance Advisor 613-996-6017
Caroline Laverdure Human Resources Advisor 613-995-0723
Clara Bartolome Records Management Support 613-943-3014
Clare Quinn-Hurley Compliance Advisor 613-943-5191
Craig Fletcher Manager 613-996-4003
Denise Benoit Corporate Management 613-943-5191
Éric Beauchamp Compliance Officer 613-943-3022
Gabriel Plows Administrative Assistant and Receptionist 613-996-3878
Gail Lidstone Business Systems Analyst 613-996-3920
Isabelle Turcotte Compliance Advisor 613-943-3011
Isabelle Paillard Administrative Assistant and Desktop Publishing 613-996-4898
Isabelle Ouellette Human Resources Advisor 613-943-3016
Jocelyne Brisebois Communications Officer 613-943-3013
Julie Pilote Finance Officer 613-943-3017
Kyle Sarazin Compliance Advisor 613-947-5522
Leif-Erik Aune Manager 613-943-3015
Lenore Scanlon (!) Legal Counsel 613-996-6016
Lorraine Madore Parliamentary and External Relations Analyst 613-943-3012
Louise Hébert Administrative Assistant to the General Counsel 613-943-3765
Lyne Salloum Compliance Advisor 613-996-1987
Lyne Robinson-Dalpé Director, Advisory and Compliance 613-996-6020
Maha Achkar Policy and Planning Analyst 613-947-3389
Margot Booth Manager, Communications and Outreach 613-996-1513
Marie Danielle Vachon Director, Communications, Outreach and Planning 613-996-4880
Marie-Josée Smith Officer, Investigations 613-943-3018
Martine Richard Acting Director, Reports and Investigations 613-943-3763
Martine Richard General Counsel 613-996-6028
Mary Dawson Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner 613-995-0721
Maxim Robert-Lemire Manager, Financial Services 613-947-7808
Michael Aquilino Legal Counsel 613-996-6016
Micheline Vallée Executive Assistant 613-996-3986
Natalia Sandoval (!) Manager 613-943-3015
Nathalie Trépanier Compliance Advisor 613-943-3760
Nathalie Lamarche Ruais Administrative Assistant 613-996-6032
Nicholas Millen Compliance Advisor 613-995-4679
Noris Vizcaino Compliance Advisor 613-943-7334
Patrick Vachon Compensation Advisor 613-996-4889
Peggy Koulaib Chief of Procedures 613-943-3019
Philippe Joly Senior Investigator 613-996-6012
Pierre Mayer Financial Assistant 613-995-8545
Robert LeBlond (!) Executive Advisor 613-995-5764
Roméo Eric Mbourangon Articling Student 613-943-3021
Sandy Tremblay Director, Corporate Management 613-996-6025
Sarah Maneval (!) Administrative Assistant 613-943-3764
Sarah Brickell Officer, Investigations 613-996-3977
Sherri Anderson Compliance Advisor 613-947-5522