Office of the Correctional Investigator Canada

Organization Structure

Office of the Correctional Investigator Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
David Hooey Director, Policy and Research 613-990-2693
Frédéric Héran Director of Investigations 613-990-2691
Howard Sapers (!) Correctional Investigator 613-990-2689
Ivan Zinger Correctional Investigator 613-990-2689
Jean-Frédéric Boulais A/Director of Investigations and General Counsel 613-998-6960
Josée McCann Manager of Investigations 613-991-1867
Manuel Marques Director, Corporate Services and Planning 613-991-9002
Marie-France Kingsley Executive Director 613-990-2690
Paul McKenzie (!) Director of Investigations 613-990-2691
Shannon Stewart (!) Manager of Investigations 613-991-1825