Agriculture and Food Inspection Legal Services - AAFC


Name Title Telephone Number
Aidan O'Callaghan Legal Counsel 613-773-0332
Annie Lemaire Team Leader and Senior Counsel 613-773-2926
Aurora Bravar Legal Administrative Assistant 613-773-6702
Aysha Johnson Business Manager 613-773-2915
Chantal Lafontaine McBrearty (!) Legal Administrative Assistant 613-773-1835
Chantal Lafontaine Administrative Assistant 613-773-1835
Duane Schippers Senior Counsel 613-773-1718
Heather Wilson Counsel 613-773-2913
Jean-Thierry Barthélus Counsel 613-773-2907
Louise Sénéchal (!) Acting Executive Director and Senior General Counsel 613-773-2901
Lynette Pike Information Management Specialist 613-773-2905
Margherita Marcone Legal Counsel 613-773-1430
Martin Leblanc Counsel 613-773-0746
Pam Smith-Hlady Executive Assistant 613-773-2903
Paula Wilson Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel 613-773-2901
Vanessa Brochet Acting General Counsel and Deputy Executive Director 613-773-2901