Quebec Regional Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Dufresne Regional Operations Manager 514-252-2777 x6305
Anne-Marie Hamelin (2020) Administrative Assistant 514-283-8071 x8071
Bruno Champeval (2021) Regional Operations Manager 514-283-8071 x8073
Charles Langlois Regional Service Line Leader, Construction Services 418-844-5000 x1136
Diane Morel (2020) Team Leader, Contract Services 514-283-8071 x6966
Eric Desrochers Technical Specialist, Real Property Management 514-283-8071 x6930
Geneviève Marquette Regional Service Line Leader, Environmental Services 514-283-8071 x6974
Isabelle Charron (2020) Administrative Assistant 514-283-8071 x8071
Jean-Marc Dubé (2019) Regional Service Line Leader, Construction Services 514-283-8071 x2072
Jonathan Duclos Manager, Real Property Operations Support and RSLL 514-283-8071 x4456
Laurence Duval-Teasdale (2021) Translator-reviser 514-283-8071 x2083
Marc De Broin Regional Service Line Leader, Project and Program Mgmt Srvcs 514-283-8071 x2729
Marie-Eve Neron Coordinator, Contract Services 514-283-8071 x4400
Martine Côté Regional Service Line Leader, Contract Services 514-283-8071 x8104
Michelle Kilbride Administrative Assistant 514-283-8071
Nicolas Forget Regional Director 514-283-8071 x8165
Pascale Michaud Coordinator, Regional Administration 514-283-8071 x4491
Patrick Gbedo Coordinator, Contract Services 514-283-8071
Sonia Poirier (2019) Translator-reviser 514-283-8071 x2219
Sophie Lalancette (2019) Coordinator, Health and Safety 514-283-8071 x3986
Susan Ross (2020) Technical Specialist, Project Management 514-283-2076
Suzanne Menard Administrative Assistant 514-283-8071 x6616
Valerie Gelinas Coordinator, Contract Services 514-283-8071 x2083