Office of the Assistant Deputy Minister, Aquatic Ecosystems


Name Title Telephone Number
Christine Grainger Manager, Correspondence and Briefing 613-990-7063
Jason Nelson Administrative Manager 613-993-1635
Julie Richter Senior Advisor to the ADM, Aquatic Ecosystems 613-990-5393
Melanie Ahpiang Correspondence Coordinator 613-990-0246
Philippe Morel Assistant Deputy Minister, Aquatic Ecosystems Sector 613-993-1914
Ronald Theriault Respect Liaison & Coordination Officer (RLCO) 613-998-1463
Sonia Chabot Officer, Planning and Reporting 343-551-2764
Stephanie Bakker Manager, Strategic Operations 613-410-6732
Sylvie Genier Scheduling Coordinator 613-993-2734