Name Title Telephone Number
Amber Meadows Post Hearing Resolution Officer 306-790-4709
Anuradha Virmani (2020) Administrative Clerk 306-502-3520
Audra Bryanton Manager, Administration 306-502-3596
Chandra Vijayapala Administrative Clerk 306-502-3518
Christine Tansey Program Administrator 306-501-8905
Christine Graham Administrative Officer 306-502-5108
Dan Marchment Regional Program Manager 306-501-7259
Duane Casteel Case Assessment Officer 306-502-3557
Eileen Elliott A/Manager, Strategic Engagement and Group IAP 306-501-8905
Heather Goss Administrative Assistant 306-501-4838
Irene Bigeau Manager, Scheduling and Expert Assesments Unit 306-501-3451
Jason Kovatch (2019) A/Team Leader 306-502-0511
Kyle Polson (2019) Support Officer 819-934-0150
Laura Watson Hearings Management Officer 306-501-8851
Maria Aguirre Administrative Clerk 306-502-3543
Qyitayo Ziwa (2020) Manager, Administration Operation 306-216-0261
Ryan Gorzalczynski Adjudicator Liaison 306-502-3568
Scott Yung Hearings Scheduler 306-501-7968
Shanna Bedore Hearings Management Supervisor 306-501-5292
Shelley McAmmond A/Director of Operations 306-209-1418
Sherry Kipling IAP Support Officer 204-890-6050
Tara Molder (2020) Post Hearing Resolution Officer 306-502-2518
Tracey Fletcher (2019) RCM Support Officer 306-790-4722
Wendy Bonish Sr Advisor 306-531-7726
William Robinson (2020) Accounting Operations Officer 306-502-5212