Office of the Deputy Minister


Name Title Telephone Number
Brendan Keane Communications Officer 343-573-8667
Brittany Kelly-Sipes Administration and Scheduling assistant 343-573-8176
Christina Paravan Special Projects Officer 613-941-8897
Christine Mukendi Administrative and Scheduling Assistant 343-644-9905
Janet Goulding (2022) Assistant Deputy Minister
Jennifer Prince Department Liason 613-949-1759
Jennifer Eyre Chief of Staff 343-550-8978
Justine Reynolds Departmental Liaison Officer 343-573-7945
Kelly Gillis Deputy Minister 613-960-5661
Line Geerts Executive Assistant to the DM 613-941-0715
Melanie Veilleux Advisor 343-291-2480
Mike Everson Driver 343-573-7190
Monique Racine (2022) Coordination and Special Project Officer
Sarah McAuley (2022) Administration and Scheduling assistant
Suhayb Yousif Digital Communications Officer 343-573-7501
Susan Li Administrative Officer 613-949-1759