Senior Assistant Deputy Minister's Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Catherine McKinnon Senior Counsel 613-946-6927
Imane El-Saliby Administrative Assistant 613-952-2200
Janet McIntyre Deputy Director General 613-941-4041
Janice Melanson (2017) Policy Sector Senior Advisor 613-957-4940
Julia Turvey Counsel and Special Advisor 647-256-0569
Laurie Wright Senior Assistant Deputy Minister 613-957-4730
Leah Burt Counsel and Special Advisor
Martha Butler (2021) Counsel and Special Advisor 613-957-4940
Michèle Gagnon Executive Assistant to the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister 613-957-4726
Pamela Richmire Director, Business Management, Policy Sector and DM Cluster
Paul Roy (2021) Director, Business Management 613-957-4622
Robert Brookfield Deputy Assistant Deputy Minister 613-941-4100
Serena Dai Administrative Assistant 613-327-9671
Stephen Bindman Special Advisor on Wrongful Convictions 613-894-7495