Reference Services Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Lavoie Archival Assistant 204-984-1469
Aisha Idriss Consultation Clerk
Alexandra McEwen Reference Archivist 613-995-1312
Alexandra Clemence Senior Reference Librarian 613-995-9227
Alexandra-Maude Daley-Proulx Consultation and Reproduction Clerk
Alison Pier Senior Reference Librarian / Triage Coordinator 613-301-3273
Andy Yung Administrative Clerk 778-986-5453
Anik Laflèche Reference Archivist 613-996-8224
Audrey Doyon Reference Archivist 613-995-5373
Brian Clark Archival Assistant - Reference Technician 613-291-5033
Brianne Boucher Reference Archivist 613-943-4209
Bronia Sussmann Chief, Registration and Textual Documents 343-548-1441
Caitlin Webster Senior Archivist 778-986-5451
Catherine Butler A/Chief, Reference 613-716-1688
Chantal Tremblay Chief, Reprography and Special Collections 613-614-9765
Chantal Lavigne consultation clerk 343-998-6258
Charmain Dunn Consultation and Reproduction Clerk
Christine-Elizabeth Blais Archivist 613-286-3718
Courtney O'Hara Reference Technician 343-999-4472
Danielle Moncion Consultation and Reproduction Clerk 613-795-9856
David Horky Senior Archivist 204-227-5964
David Cuthbert Archivist 204-229-0789
David Portilla Reference Archivist 613-996-0122
Destiny Sanderson Consultation and Reproduction Clerk 613-413-1059
Elaine Goetz On-Site Registration 613-617-7040
Elizabeth Hotte Consultation and Reproduction Clerk 343-540-5389
Émilie Plater (2019) Consultation Clerk
Emily Crowe Consultation Clerk 613-995-3209
Emily Potter Genealogy Consultant 613-992-2906
Emily Dingwall Reference Librarian 613-992-7812
France Vachon Consultation and Reproduction Clerk 343-550-8294
Gilles Bertrand Consultation Clerk 613-883-6706
Huê-Huong Virtue Tran Reference Librarian 613-947-4515
Hugh Cruickshank Executive Assistant 343-998-3720
Jana Buhlmann Senior Archivist 604-345-7227
Janelle Goertzen Consultation and Reproduction Clerk 613-618-3758
Jasmine Charette Reference Archivist 613-996-8562
Jean Buchanan Breit Orientation and Archival Technician 604-367-6545
Jean Matheson Consultation and Reference Officer 613-992-8188
Jean-François Caron Metadata Control Officer
Jennifer Anderson Archivist 613-302-7986
Jessie Moolman Metadata Control Officer 343-998-6258
Joel Cyr Consultation Clerk 613-716-6629
Jon Barrett (2018) Junior Reference Archivist 613-992-8877
Josée Belisle Genealogy Consultant 613-995-5371
Josée Bélisle (2018) Consultation and Reproduction Clerk 613-240-4354
Julia McIntosh Reference Librarian 613-995-2371
Julie Roy Manager, Reference Services 613-219-0824
Karine Gélinas Project Manager 613-302-2941
Kristen Frame Bibliothécaire de réference 873-353-2378
Laurena Fredette A/Supervisor Halifax 902-448-0165
Leah Rae (2020) Archivist 902-426-4031
Lina Harper Reference Technician 343-543-1633
Lina Gouger Manager, Client Services 613-219-1392
Lisa Tremblay-Goodyer Director, Reference Services 613-218-9644
Lise Vézeau Reference Technician 613-992-8877
Lorraine St-Louis Harrison (2019) Genealogy Consultant 343-540-8276
Louise Frances Croft student 604-666-9699
Lynn Lafontaine Consultation and Reference Officer 613-992-8188
Marianne Loyer (2018) consultation and reprography clerk 613-297-8674
Marie-Josée Tolszczuk (2017) Manager, Reference Services 613-818-2651
Marie-Julie Hyppolite Consultation officer 613-290-6298
Mark Cove Orientation and Archival Technician 902-403-7256
Marnie Burnham Manager, Regional Services 604-655-6857
Martin Bédard Reproduction Clerk 613-302-7216
Martin Lanthier Senior Reference Archivist 613-996-7605
Martin Ruddy Reference Technician 613-943-8938
Mary Munk Genealogy Consultant 613-996-7370
Megan Butcher Chief, Orientation and Genealogy 613-219-7734
Melanie Watton (2018) Clerk 613-796-3685
Melissa Nannini Consultation and Reproduction Clerk
Michael Afar (2017) Reference Librarian 613-608-2068
Michael Way (2019) Block Review Analyst 613-222-2964
Michelle Guitard (2018) reference archivist 613-716-6383
Michelle Tupper Orientation and Archival Technician 604-379-4370
Min Hannaford Orientation and Archival Technician 604-345-1604
Natalia Diaz Elgueta Reference Technician 343-542-8230
Natalia Diaz (2019) Reference Technician 343-542-8230
Nathalie Mathieu Reference Technician 613-883-6732
Nicholas Lockhead Genealogy Consultant 613-943-1113
Nicole Watier Genealogy Consultant 613-943-8876
Patricia Bergeron Consultation Clerk 343-548-1447
Patricia Jean (2019) Reference Technician 613-996-8224
Paulette Dozois Senior Lead Archivist/Block Review Team Leader 819-934-0197
Quinn Robinson Reference Archivist
Rebecca Meunier Reference Archivist
Rebecca Murray (2019) Archivist 613-995-5373
Remy Bradford-Lea Genealogy Consultant 343-543-1336
Richard Lelièvre Genealogy Consultant 613-996-5115
Richie Sue Allen Reference Archivist 613-996-7435
Robert Grandmaître (2018) Director, Reference Services Division 613-995-6055
Robin Mullins (2017) Reference Archivist
Sandra Bell Reference Librarian 613-992-0474
Sarah D'Aurelio Client Services Officer 613-698-6345
Sarah Bellefleur Bondu Reference archivist 613-995-9492
Satya Miller (2020) Metadata Control Officer
Sonia Couturier (2017) Consultation Clerk
Sophie Tellier A/Senior Reference Archivist 613-947-6096
Stephanie Fournier Orientation and Archival Technician 902-229-7573
Stéphanie Hurtubise (2019) Reproduction Clerk 613-697-6221