Health Analysis


Name Title Telephone Number
Amber Doy-Yat Administrative Assistant to the Director 613-951-6773
Anne Guèvremont Analyst 613-293-6759
Antonio Carbonetti (2022) Administrative Assistant to the Director 613-951-6773
Cindy Renaud Unit Head 613-951-4274
Dafna Kohen Assistant Director 613-853-6760
Deirdre Hennessy Analyst 613-799-7054
Doug Manuel 613-951-2922
Gisèle Carriere Analyst 604-362-2261
Jane Polsky
Janice Felman Senior Communications Advisor 613-799-7746
Julie Bernier (2022) Director 613-951-4556
Jungwee Park Senior Research Analyst 613-853-7945
Keiko Asakawa Senior Research Analyst 613-462-7565
Kellie Langlois Research Analyst 613-355-3640
Lan Wei Analyst 343-548-4708
Lauren Pinault Senior Research Analyst 613-218-2478
Leanne Findlay Senior Research Analyst 613-854-8909
Loanna Heidinger Analyst 343-550-2276
Maikol Diasparra Account Executive 343-550-3881
Mila Kingsbury
Philippe Finès Senior Analyst 514-243-5517
Rachel Colley Senior Research Analyst 613-698-5673
Rochelle Garner Acting Chief 613-853-9048
Tanya Christidis Research Analyst 343-572-4369
Thomas Charters Analyst 343-550-0570
Toyib Olaniyan Research Analyst 343-999-1889
Tracey Bushnik Senior Research Analyst 613-854-7906