Newfoundland and Labrador Regional Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Audrey Parsons (2018) Project Management Off 709-765-5718
Audrey Parsons-Crockwell (2018) Project Management Officer 709-765-5718
Jennifer Clarke Manager, Resources and Planning Services 709-772-8394
Jill Hann Administrative Assistant 709-772-2390
Joe Pickett Regional Operations Coordinator 709-772-4587
Michael Hiscock Director of Operations NL 709-772-4427
Nancy Hudson (2018) Administrative Assistant to MRPS 709-772-4093
Nancy Lee (2017) A/Administrative Assistant 709-772-4093
Paula Kenny Office Admin to Regional Operations Coordinator 709-772-4093
Rhonda Warren Administrative Assistant to Regional Director 709-772-4424
Ruth Newhook (2018) Administrative Services Support Clerk 709-292-5175
Sharon Myler (2016) Administrative Assistant 709-772-6070
Wanda Thornhill (2018) Administrative Assistant 709-772-4466
Wanda McCarthy Administrative Assistant 709-772-5395