Toronto Region


Name Title Telephone Number
Angela Scarlato Planning and Resource Officer 647-790-1122(41122)
Anna Puorro-Marsilio Administrative Assistant to Inspection Services 647-790-1008(41008)
Ayanna Peazer (2016) Planning and Resources Officer 647-790-1124(41124)
Balayi Kasongo Receptionist 647-790-1025(41025)
Ben Gasman (2017) Inspection Manager 647-790-1007(41007)
Caterina Panetta Administrative Assistant 905-236-0020
Christina Freeborn Inspection Manager 647-790-1043(41043)
Devan Berry (2018) Deval Meat Insp 519-823-5200
Dimpy Kaur (2021) Assistant to Regional Operations Coordinator 647-790-1127(41127)
Edris Gunter Administration Assistant to Inspection Manager 647-790-1112(41112)
Janusz Tarkowski (2019) Regional Veterinary Officer 647-790-1121(41121)
Jason Crockett Regional Program Officer 289-247-4021
Jason Agius (2018) Supervisor 289-247-4029
Jennifer Hayes Regional Program Officer 905-435-6097
Jennifer MacBurnie Enforcement Inspector – Toronto Region 416-894-1093
Jeremias Cull Regional Program Officer 226-217-1161
Jessica Yang (2018) A/Reg Program Off 647-790-1083
Joe DiLecce Inspection Manager 647-790-1111(41111)
Josée Rousseau (2018) Regional Chief Inspector 647-790-1123(41123)
Keitha Evans (2021) Administrative Assistant 416-427-8028
Kenneth Murray Director of Operations, Toronto 647-790-1123(41123)
Kim McClure (2017) Administrative Assistant to Regional Chief Inspector 647-790-1068(41068)
Kristen Sinkovich (2021) Administrative Assistant to Director of Operations 289-247-4087(74087)
Laurie Ricci (2020) Regional Program Officer 519-733-5013(45402)
Melonie Ho Shing (2017) Bilingual Administrative Assistant to Inspection Services 647-790-1117(41117)
Melonie Pinnock (2021) Bilingual Administrative Assistant to Inspection Manager 647-790-1017(41017)
Nagaraja Byrojirao (2018) Food Processing Specialist Inspector 647-969-9809
Nataliya Marchak Inspection Specialist 647-790-1090
Nikita Sharma Administrative Assistant to Inspection Services 647-790-1117
Peter DeSouza Inspection Manager 289-247-4006
Pia Wells Administrative Assistant to the Inspection Manager 647-790-1017
Punit Sanghera Administrative Assistant to Inspection Manager 647-355-6397
Roser Balsells (2020) Administrative Assistant to Inspection Manager 647-790-1009(41009)
Ryan Gray Inspection Manager 289-247-4014(74014)
Shannon Campbell Inspection Manager 519-362-6775
Srinath Billingi Senior Primary Inspector 647-629-3532
Stephanie Kwan Food Processing Specialist Inspector 226-820-4057
Tarun Iyer Administative Officer to the Director of Operations 647-790-1068
Thanuka Sivanathan Inspection Services Student 647-790-1033