Regional Operations


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Levine Junior Policy Analyst
Anjali Bapat Policy and Program Advisor, Wetlands Office
Audrey An-Qi Zhu Wetlands Program Advisor, Wetlands Office
Brigitte Leblanc (2021) Manager, planning coordination, DGO ROD 819-938-3902
Chantal Landry Manager Adminstrative Services
Colin Nicholson (2021) Senior Advisor 819-938-5781
Corey Cham (2022) Wetlands Program Advisor
Corey (Tau Chia) Cham Wetlands Program Advisor
Danielle Prevost Head, Indigenous Relations and Stakeholder Consultation
David Boivin (2021) Advisor 819-938-4990
Elena Sanchez McAuley Policy and Programs Advisor, Wetlands Office 819-420-7397
Emma Pascoe (2020) Analyst, ROD DGO 819-938-4050
France Beaudoin Administrative Officer 819-805-1037
Henri Simbakwira Events and ATIP Coordinator 819-805-1990
Isabelle Caron (2021) Executive Admin 819-420-7433
Jacey Scott Head, Wetlands Office 819-938-5814
Jerome Clement Chief of staff
Karine Duffy (2021) A/Senior Program Advisor 819-420-7981
Kate Brennan Program Advisor
Kim Mawhinney Manager, Recovery, Regulatory Affairs and Conservation Partners 709-772-7456
Kim Paquette Planning Coordination Manager 819-938-5541
Leeda Tahiri (2019) Administrative Officer 613-941-2362
Lisa Jayne Briefing Officer 416-739-4223
Lisa Bidinosti Physical Science, Policy Program Plan Analyst 819-420-7846
Lise Deslauriers Project officer 581-703-2766
Luc DeGrandpre (2021) Briefing Officer 819-938-4938
Marc-Andre Lafrance (2021) Head, Multilateral Engagement on Chemicals 819-938-3689
Marc-André Lafrance (2020) Head, Multilateral Engagement on Chemicals 819-938-3689
Margaryta Yakovenko Senior Advisor
Marina Shmeleva Administrative Coordinator
Nancy Pierre Executive Assistant 514-895-3529
Natalie Ross (2022) Administrative Coordinator
Rava Lee Policy Analyst 416-739-5892
Raymond Kotchorek Head, National Emergencies Unit 613-291-8230
Stephane Guillot Coordinateur administratif 873-800-5097
Stephen Baxter (2019) National Wildlife Area Technician 506-364-5044
Vanessa Charlwood Regional Director 780-951-8677