Hazards, Adaptation and Operations Branch


Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Laberge (2019) Finance and Administrative Officer 343-292-6435
Anna Thompson (2021) Senior Policy Advisor 343-292-7303
Baaloon Nanang (2021) Administrative Assistant
Brenna Sauvé (2019) Financial/HR Advisor to the Director General 613-404-6949
Caroline Servant Administrative Assistant 613-998-6777
Holly Eksal Policy Analyst
Janessa Mann Policy Advisor 343-543-6988
Katie Vogt (2022) Senior Advisor to the DG
Michael Hrycak Executive Assistant 343-292-6109
Michael Anderson (2019) Administrative Assistant 343-292-7425
Michael Grinter Financial Officer 343-292-6435
Nancy Roberts Senior Policy Advisor
Nicholas Pontone (2021) 613-837-2035
Rory Gilsenan Director General 343-292-8497
Virginia Dyet (2021) Executive Assistant 343-292-8728