Name Title Telephone Number
Adesiji Rabiu Manager, Program Planning & Performance 780-987-8621
Ajae Hall Team Lead, Standard Analytical 780-987-8750
Alexander Salmon Office Assistant 780-987-8616
Angela Hawrys Analytical Technologist 780-987-8738
Arlene Bautista Clerk
Barbara Berg Executive Assistant 780-987-8616
Benjamin Fotty (2019) Senior Director of Operations 780-987-8660
Brandi Kelly Research Technologist 780-987-8346
Brian Crosland Research Scientist 343-548-5609
Candice Lal Manager, Branch Finance 780-987-8648
David Lastockin Research Techologist 780-987-8634
Denise Quimper Acting Project Control Officer 780-987-8717
Dina Fox Manager, People and Development 780-987-8625
Evgeniya Hristova Engineering Technologist 780-987-8704
Feng Lin Research Scientist (Hydrocarbon Recovery) 780-987-8672
Harpreet Dinsa Research Technologist
Jason Ka Hei Ng Research Technologist 780-987-8619
Jesse Lim Engineering Research Technologist (Engineer) 780-987-7904
Karin Welz Executive Assistant to the Senior Director, Operations 780-987-8626
Kelly Adams Senior Stores Keeper 780-987-8759
Matthew Weiss (2019) COOP Student 780-987-8743
Md Rafid Akhter Air Emissions Instrumentation Specialist 613-520-5684
Merouane Khammar Research Scientist (Hydrocarbon Recovery) 780-987-8636
Mohamed Ali Research Scientist - Technology Development 780-987-8778
Nicholas Utting Research Scientist (Geochemist) 780-987-8338
Nora Kirkpatrick Manager, Technical Services 587-334-3845
Rahman Gholami Shahrestani Research Scientist 780-987-8795
Rita Maher Administrative Assistant 780-987-8630
Torsten Ploch Engineering Research Technician 780-999-9999
Yanne Messi Ngabelinga Senior Director of Operations, Science Policy Integration 780-987-8644