Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics


Name Title Telephone Number
Abedin Abedin Postdoctoral Fellow 250-363-6926
Adam Densmore Engineer / Project Manager 250-363-0027
Adam Gilbert 250-497-2300
Adam Butko
Adrian Damian Sofware Specialist CADC 250-363-3412
Alan McConnachie Research Officer, Science 250-363-0070
Alex Josephy 250-497-2300
Alexander Hill 250-497-2300
Alexis Hill Research Council Officer, Mechanical 250-363-3051
Alinga Yeung Programmer / Analyst 250-363-8382
Alireza Seyfollahi RF Engineer
Andre Recnik 250-497-2300
Andre Johnson 250-497-2300
André Anthony Research Council Officer, Mechanical 250-363-0056
Andrew Gray Research Council Officer DRAO 250-497-2313
Andrew Chow Co-op Student 250-363-6924
Anne Cowley 250-363-3242
Anthony Willis (2019) Research Council Officer, DRAO 250-497-2343
Anthony Hoffmann Computer Systems 250-497-2344
Austin Gulliver 250-363-0060
Bailey Forster Co-op Student 250-497-2300
Benjamin Gerard 250-363-0001
Benoit Robert Technical Officer DRAO 250-497-2308
Bharat Shamsukha 250-363-6951
Bonnie Bullock (2017) Library Assistant 250-363-0020
Brenda Matthews Astronomer, Millimetre Astronomy Group 250-363-8642
Brent Carlson Research Council Officer, Signal Process 250-497-2318
Brian Major Programmer / Analyst 250-363-3226
Brian Hoff Mechanical Engineer 250-363-0043
Brian Leckie 250-363-0048
Bruce Veidt Research Council Officer, RF 250-497-2348
Camille Sullivan Student
Carolin Hofer 250-497-2300
Celia Blain (2019)
Charanjot Brar 250-497-2300
Cherry Ng 250-497-2300
Chitrang Patel 250-497-2300
Chris Willott (2018) Research Officer CADC 250-363-8368
Christian Marois Research Officer, Science 250-363-0023
Christopher Willott Research Officer, CADC 250-363-8368
Christopher Gallon 250-363-6951
Clare Higgs 250-363-0001
Coba Ricard Project Manager 250-363-0053
Colin Ross
Colin Scarfe
Colton Broughton Co-op Student
Corinne Rai Project Management Coordinator 250-363-0063
Dan Kerley Research Council Officer Optical Softwar 250-363-8107
Dana Simard
Daniel Durand Research Council Officer CADC 250-363-0052
Darren Erickson Engineer / Project Manager 250-363-3230
David Del Rizzo Instrumentation Software Designer 250-497-2319
David Bohlender Research Officer, CADC 250-363-0025
David Andersen Research Officer, Adaptive Optics 250-363-8708
David Loop (2017) Director, Research and Development 250-363-0022
David Schade Research Officer 250-363-6904
David Crampton 250-363-0010
David Balam 250-363-0001
David Hanna 250-497-2300
Davor Cubranic 250-497-2300
Dean Chalmers RCO, ATD Manager - Penticton 250-497-2358
Deborah Good 250-497-2300
Deniz Olcek 250-497-2300
Dennis Crabtree Research Council Officer, DAO 250-363-3082
Dmitry Monin Technical Officer DAO 250-363-0033
Dominic Garcia Technical Officer, RF 250-363-3652
Don Wiebe 250-497-2300
Donald Morton 250-363-0001
Donna Morgan Project Management Coordinator 250-497-2326
Doron Blakely (2019)
Doug Johnstone (2018) Research Officer-Millimetre Astronomy Gr 250-363-8108
Doug Henke (2018) Research Council Officer, RF 250-363-6937
Douglas Johnstone Research Officer, Millimetre Astronomy G 250-363-8108
Douglas Henke Research Council Officer, RF 250-363-6937
Duncan Campbell-Wilson 250-497-2300
Dustin Jenkins Programmer / Analyst 250-363-3101
Edward Chapin Software Engineer 250-363-6971
Eli Grant Student
Elise Badun (2019) Co-op Student
Elizabeth Griffin 250-363-0031
Emmanuel Fonseca 250-497-2300
Eric Steinbring Support Astronomer 250-363-3452
Eric Chisholm Project Manager 250-363-0030
Erik Rosolowsky
Erning Zhao Research Associate, Electronics Engineer 250-363-0069
France Gervais Administrative Assistant
Frank Jiang (2018) Research Council Officer, RF 250-363-3409
Gary Hovey Research Council Officer 250-497-2363
Gary Hinshaw 250-497-2300
Geoffrey Melnychuk Programmer Analyst CADC 250-363-6905
Geordie Goodall Mechanical Engineer
Gerald Schieven Research Officer, Millimetre Astronomy G 250-363-6919
Glen Herriot Research Council Officer Adaptive Optics 250-363-0073
Gordon Lacy Research Council Officer, Mechanical 250-497-2340
Gordon Macdonald Technical Officer, Optical and Infrared
Greg Burley (2018) Research Council Officer, Electronics 250-363-0062
Gregory Fahlman Senior Advisor 250-363-0040
Gregory Burley Research Council Officer, Electronics 250-363-0062
Griffin Burd (2019) Student
Guillaume Thomas Post-doctoral Fellow 250-363-0009