Security and Disruptive Technologies


Name Title Telephone Number
Adrian Pegoraro 613-993-1288
Alan Godfrey
Albert Stolow 613-993-7388
Aleksey Korobenko
Alex Bogan Postdoctoral Fellow
Alison Wu Student
André Staudte Research Officer, Attosecond 613-993-7028
Andrei Naumov Research Council Officer 613-991-4185
Andrew Ridsdale Technical Officer 613-993-7537
Andrew Sachrajda Group Leader, Quantum Physics Group 613-866-2911
Andrey Boguslavskiy (!) 613-998-9468
Andy Sachrajda (!) Group Leader, Quantum Physics Group 613-866-2911
Anja Roder 613-990-0143
Aotian Li Student
Arnold Kell Research Officer, Surface Modification 613-990-7308
Ashish Sapkota
Ben Barocsi 613-993-8035
Benjamin Sussman Research Officer 613-991-6888
Benoit Simard Molecular and Nano Material Architecture 613-990-0977
Bert Avery (!) Technical Officer 613-993-7384
Bhavana Deore Research Officer 613-949-3057
Chandre Dharma-wardana 613-993-9393
Chang Guo Research Associate 613-991-9719
Chantal Paquet Research Officer 613-993-7830
Charles Yang Student
Christa Homenick Research Officer 613-991-3845
Christopher Ratcliffe 613-991-1240
Christopher Kingston Research Officer 613-990-0920
Christopher Beeler Student 613-796-5148
ChunMei Zhang
Connor Kupchak 613-993-7414
Dan Grobnic Research Officer
Daniel Banks (!) Research Facility Analyst 613-584-8298
David Coulas Technical Officer
David Crane Technical Officer 613-990-1113
David Villeneuve Group Leader, Attosecond 613-993-9975
David Northeast Research Associate 613-993-2867
Dayna Bennett Student
Dean Ruth Technical Officer 613-991-9631
Denis Guay Technical Officer 613-991-2649
Dennis Klug Theory and Computation 613-991-1238
Douglas Moffatt Technical Officer 613-991-6376
Duncan England Research Officer 613-949-1691
Duncan Stewart DG, Security & Disruptive Technologies 613-990-0915
Fanqi Kong
François Lapointe Research Associate 613-991-9604
Frédéric Bouchard Research Associate
Fuyong Cheng Research Officer 613-949-4410
Geof Aers (!) RESEARCH OFFICER 613-993-9403
Geofrey Aers Senior Research Officer 613-993-9403
Graham Brown
Guilmot Ernotte
Guy Austing Research Officer, Quantum Physics 613-991-9989
Hazel Gifford Student
Homin Shin Research Officer
Huimin Ding Photonics Research Engineer 613-991-5840
Hyunjin Cho Research Associate 613-990-0726
Isaac Tamblyn Research Officer 613-796-5148
Issaka Seidu
Jackson Hamilton Project Manager 613-240-1920
Jacob Taylor Coop student
Jacques Lefebvre Research Officer 613-993-1397
James Watson Researcher Emeritus 613-990-0739
James Neumann Student
James Salt Student
Jason Phoenix 613-949-0545
Jianfu Ding Research Officer 613-993-4456
Jianying Ouyang Research Officer 613-993-9273
Jimmy Bolduc (!) TO, Detectors, Instrumenta and Control 613-584-8811
Jingwen Guan Research Officer 613-949-4408
John Root (!) Director, Research and Development 613-584-8297
John Ripmeester 613-993-2011
Joscelyn van der Veen Student
Joseph McKee Facility Manager 613-990-4069
Joseph Hyland
Kaitlin Wagner
Kasthuri De Silva Technical Officer 613-614-5173
Kate Fenwick Student
Katherine Herperger Coop
Kathleen Sampson Research Associate
Keith Ingold Research Officer 613-990-0938
Kent Bonsma-Fisher Postdoctoral Fellow
Keun Su Kim Research Officer 613-998-5365
Kevin Ryczko
Khabat Heshami Research Officer 613-990-0945
Kiera Mathers Co-op Student
Konstantin Oudatchin 613-993-7694
Kyle Sprague
Kyle Mills
Kyrylo Hnatovsky Research Officer 613-991-4156
Lilli Temple-Murray Coop
Lise Chabot Administrative Assistant, SDT Operations 613-990-8599
Louis Gaudreau Research Officer, Quantum Physics 613-949-7547
Luke Young Coop
Malgorzata Daroszewska Technical Officer 613-991-1577
Malgosia Daroszewska (!) Technical Officer 613-991-1577
Marco Taucer Post-doctoral Fellow 613-993-7390
Marek Korkusinski Research Officer, QTG 613-993-9390
Marek Zgierski Research Officer 613-990-0980
Marianna Lytova 613-991-9865