Data Centres


Name Title Telephone Number
Brent Weinheimer Manager, Planning and Performance Metrics 613-410-8195
Christine Cousineau Administrative Assistant, Windows &Virtualization Management 613-296-8511
Claudia Garcia-Camargo Support Analyst 613-4069084
Daniel Skucas Support Analyst 613-261-4320
Jackie Flowers Special Projects 613-291-1486
Jeremy Coulombe 514-283-0443
Justin Palmer 778-290-2094
Katherine Fletcher 613-670-1701
Ken Canam Assistant Deputy Minister, Data Centres Services 613-670-1700
Line Lalonde Office Clerk 343-552-7517
Lyne Dupuis (2019) Executive Office Manager and Strategic Advisor to the SADM 613-670-1608
Marie-Josée Bergeron (2018) Manager Financial Services, Special Projects, Enterprise Data Centres 613-513-8495
Mathieu Lafleur Correspondence and Document Control Officer 613-314-1683
Matthew Rassi 343-548-9799
Melanie Daigle Strategic Advisor 613-277-8254
Mike Renaud (2018) 819-953-4696
Mike Groulx (2019) Manager, Enterprise Data Centre Facilities 613-868-2367
Patrice Rondeau (2017) A/Senior Assistant Deputy Minister 613-670-1700
Paul Levecque Team Lead, Server 613-715-1922
Pierre Mathieu Senior Advisor 613-851-9927
Rachel El-Gharib Issues Manager 613-854-5511
Ram Mathilakath Director General, Planning & Engagement 613-670-1752
Reema Tumber (2018) Executive Assistant, Assistant Deputy Minister's Office 613-670-1701
Renée Frève (2019) A/Executive Assistant 613-670-1692
Robert de Wit (2018) Senior Director 613-299-4070
Sean McCann (2019) SSC- Windows Operation Server specialist 0See|VoirDirectInfo
Sherry Hamilton Director, Branch Business Planning 613-793-8175
Vivian Walsh (2018) 613-806-9130