Name Title Telephone Number
Beverley Seguin Board and Corporate Affairs Administrator 613-996-1257
Carlos de Vera Senior Legal Counsel 613-992-7869
Dianne Trinneer Legal Counsel 613-995-6541
Hope Kilburn (!) Legal and Corporate Affairs Administrator 613-943-2371
Isabelle Lepage (!) Senior Legal Counsel 613-995-9925
Mathieu Socqué Senior Legal Counsel 613-943-8018
Melanie Griffin (!) Senior Legal Counsel 613-992-7896
Stephen Donachey Senior Legal Counsel 613-943-2819
Susan Hefler Law Clerk & ATIP Officer 613-947-0038
Tara MacDougall (!) Legal Counsel 613-992-7893
Victoria Mainprize Director, Legal Services 613-943-2954