Operations and Programs Section (LSU)


Name Title Telephone Number
Agnieszka Nawrotek Legal Counsel 819-934-9084
Alison Forrest Legal Counsel 819-934-9100
Alissa Malkin General Counsel 343-961-3578
Anita Martel-Renaud Legal Assistant
Benjamin Myers Legal Counsel 819-934-3423
Douglas Neville Legal Counsel 819-956-3810
George Exarhos Paralegal 819-934-0413
Gregory Lacko Legal Counsel 819-956-0687
Jean-Thierry Barthelus Legal Counsel 819-230-0402
Jeffrey Clark A/Sr Counsel 819-953-0307
Kimberley Chew Leung Legal Counsel 343-552-4754
Leonie Hudon Thibaudeau Executive Assistant 819-953-0166
Louise Beauchamp Legal Assistant 819-934-1024
Shane Bouchard Legal Counsel
Sophie Lemieux Legal Counsel 873-455-2589
Stephen Harapiak Legal Counsel 819-934-0412
Suzanne Grondin A/Sr Counsel and Manager 819-953-1940
Tina Scollan Paralegal 819-994-2663