Name Title Telephone Number
Andrea Payne (2021) Student
Claude Lapointe Coordinator 873-353-1026
Emilija Charest Sr Policy Advisor 819-956-5212
France Lanois Program Officer 819-994-6811
Gillian Griffin Jr Policy Analyst 613-355-7285
Ioana Spinu Policy Advisor
Lisa Faid Research Analyst 873-455-5667
Lorna Faubert Administrative Support to the Director's Office
Mario Brillant Director 819-997-9449
Matt Bender Manager 819-953-8382
Morteza Javadinia Azari Research Officer 819-665-4667
Oula Hreiche Policy Analyst
Randy Jenkins (2021) Manager and Sr Policy Analyst
Richard Dixon Coordinator 819-934-1312
Stephen Jacobsen Manager 819-210-1736
Teall Hall Policy Analyst 819-790-0728