Name Title Telephone Number
Andrée Béland Regional Director, Communications ? Quebec Region 514-283-2680
Benoit Ferraris (!) Information Technology Infrastructure Support Analyst 514-283-2684
Caroline Michaud Special Advisor to the Assistant Commissioner 514-283-3049
Chantal Gaudet (!) Administrative Assistant - Communications 514-283-2778
Chantal Tourigny Regional Director, Tax Programs 514-283-2176
Chantalle Robert Executive Assistant, Assistant Commissioner's Office 514-283-3011
Emery Kenabantu (!) Regional Director, Human Resources 514-283-2262
Éric Byrne Regional Director - Human Ressource 514-283-2262
France Guérin (!) Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisor 514-496-5534
Gabriel Caponi (!) Assistant Commissioner, Quebec Region 514-496-4580
Gilles Meloche (!) Audit manager 819-994-7166
Jacinthe Gravel Administrative Officer, Human Resources 514-283-2897
Julie Pronovost Issues Manager and Regional Spokesperson 514-283-2226
Kareen Dionne (!) Communications Regional Director int. 514-283-2680
Louis Beauséjour Assistant Commissioner, Quebec Region 514-496-4580
Lucie Bastien (!) Administrative Assistant, Assistant Commissioner's Office 514-283-3013
Mariangela Vincenzi (!) Communications Adviser 514-283-2628
Marie-Eve Lamothe Administrative Agent, Finance and Administration 514-283-2906
Rita Lambert Administrative Agent 514-283-2161
Robin Fillion Regional Director, Finance and Administration 514-283-2822
Serge Paradis (!) Communications Manager and Regional Spokesperson 514-283-2957
Violaine Leroux Manager, Human Resources ? Quebec Region 514-283-2878