Legal Sector


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Balkovec Legal Counsel 613-854-6182
Aditya Ramachandran (2017) Legal Counsel 613-853-3207
Alastair Stewart (2017) Senior Legal Counsel 819-997-5294
Alexander Ly Legal Counsel 613-608-8368
Amélie Lavigne (2016) Articling Student 819-997-4688(cell)
Amir Korhani (2017) Articling Student 819-000-0000
Anthony McIntyre General Counsel & Deputy Executive Director 613-716-8046
Barbara Cuber Legal Counsel 873-354-6340
Bill Abbott Legal Counsel 873-353-2432
Carolyn Pinsky Senior Legal Counsel 604-368-8236
Cassandra Trottier Administrative Assistant 819-962-8542
Charlotte Frève (2018) Administrative Assistant 819-962-8542
Chigbo Ikejiani Legal Counsel 613-219-5388(cell)
Christina Maheux Legal Counsel 873-353-7185
Courtney Fitzpatrick Legal Counsel 819-665-5470
Crystal Hulley-Craig Senior Counsel, Team Leader 819-956-2095(cell)
Crystal Payette Executive Assistant to the Senior General Counsel 873-353-4651
Crystal Hulley (2017) Legal Counsel 819-956-2095(cell)
Daniel Finestone (2019) Legal Counsel 819-953-5241
Daniel Roussy (2017) General Counsel & Deputy Executive Director 819-953-3992
Danielle Colliver (2016) Articling Student 613-000-0000
Eric Bowles Legal Counsel 819-997-5204
Isabelle Baulne Executive Assistant 819-271-6509
James Wilson Senior Legal Counsel 819-953-0633
Jean-Sébastien Gagnon Legal Counsel 819-994-1751
Joshua Dougherty Legal Counsel 819-953-5079
Julia Kelen Legal Counsel 819-271-7457
Justin Roy Student 819-000-0000
Kelly-Anne Smith Senior Counsel, Team Leader 819-953-8139
Lori Pope (2019) Legal Counsel 819-956-6155
Louise Gauthier (2018) Executive Assistant 819-953-3989
Maha Temkit Law Student Intern 873-353-3645
Megan Maloney Legal Counsel 613-697-4027(cell)
Michael McDonald Legal Counsel 819-953-0603
Michel Hogan Articling Student 819-664-6341
Moira Letourneau Legal Counsel 819-639-0276
Peter McCallum (2018) General Counsel, Communications Law 819-953-2197
Rachelle Frenette General Counsel and Deputy Executive Director 613-286-1699
Ricardo Wicker Legal Counsel 819-639-4716
Salahuddin Rafiquddin Articling Student 873-353-4706
Sam Fisher (2019) Paralegal 819-955-1738
Shari Fisher Senior Counsel, Team Leader 819-997-6141
Stephen Millington Senior General Counsel and Executive Director 819-953-0632
Valérie Dionne (2020) Legal Counsel 819-639-0764(cell)
Virginie St-Laurent Lacroix (2019) Executive Assistant to the Senior General Counsel 819-775-8165
Yael Wexler Legal Counsel 873-353-2404